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Prince Kaybee break up with his Baby Mama Zola Zeelovin

Kaybee – Zkhiphani”/>The bond between Prince Kaybee and Zola Zeelovin is ‘broken’. ZOLA ZeeLovin Mhlongo is said to be no longer in love with the father of her son, Prince Kaybee.

October 31, 2022

The news has come out that the love between Prince Kaybee and Zola ZeeLovin is over. This was highlighted last weekend at the celebration of the son of those celebrities who was celebrating his birthday.

In this event, where it is not clear where he is, Prince Kaybee was not even seen, making the suspicions that they are no longer in love with Zola stronger.

On Zola Zeelovin’s Instagram page, there are no longer even pictures of them together as they were always hugging each other. In Prince Kaybee’s there is only one picture left with Zola Zeelovin.


Kaybee’s ‘baby mama’ Zola & their little prince: ‘He decided to pee on me’ This week, Prince Kaybee further fueled these allegations when he wrote on his Twitter page, “It’s an ‘uneasy’ time to exercise self-control.” This has made his fans compare that he is saying it himself and that they have actually separated from Zola because he did not start commenting on things that affect the relationship.

Prince Kaybee hints at split from Zola after son's 1st birthday | Fakaza  News

In response to the message sent to him regarding this, Prince Kaybee said in short: “We are still together”. He did not want to answer when asked what he was talking about on social media.

When contacted, Zola did not want to admit or deny it as the message showed that he had been read but did not respond. It will be remembered that last year, Prince Kaybee made headlines after the appearance of a woman who said that the singer sent her pictures of his personality.Prince Kaybee Reveals He's Celibate Amid Breakup Speculations With Baby  Mama Zola Mhlongo - Briefly.co.za

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Despite this, their love continued until they had a son after this incident. In some news sources last year, Prince Kaybee revealed that it’s fun dating Zola Zeelovin because they are like him in being obsessed with sex.