Sharp Sharp iT Africa and it’s SSiTV brand encourages the youth to build up their knowledge on a range of topics from informational news and Collaborative learning topics to Broaden their connection.


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As well to appreciate different perspectives and worldviews to better understand the world around them . With so many ideas shared across our platform, they can discover areas of interest and use our platforms in an educational and informational capacity.


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    1. Coupons
      We brings everything you love with our money-saving platform By working directly with national Companies on Coupons, promo codes and deals from stores and brands discounts in South Africa and more (1).
    2. How to
      Discover how to do stuff and Feed your mind with fascinating facts about the world around us, We share thousands of topics, ranging from science, technology to conspiracy theories.
    3. Gossip
      Local and International Celebrity Gossip Trends, Who is the newest celebrity power couple and the Celebrity scandals? Get answers to all these questions and more here as we unravel them.
    4. Interview
      We have a whole section dedicated to Interviews with some of the most successful and fascinating people out there. we chat to these local and international superstars as we find out what their up to.
    5. Lifestyle
      Topics and tips about finding ways to improve your everyday life and overall well-being. There is life outside of work we bring you Lifestyle Trends that isn’t all doom and gloom.
    6. Music
      We keep our ears open to the best beats out there! Whether it’s a new artist emerging on the scene or one of your favorite bands is releasing a new album, local and international music trends.
    7. News
      Relevant and Up to date – Trending Political events unfolding in South Africa, Africa and find the latest breaking news happening around the world.
    8. Sports
      Are you into Cricket, Rugby, Soccer or even Swimming? explore updates on your favorite Sport teams and matches happening internationally and locally with fitness tips and tricks to get you lean and mean.

Whether it is entertainment, educational business, parenting tips and lifestyle you came to the right place to top it up a virtual discounted mall just for you

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