Old snaps of Nota Baloyi with Minnie Dlamini resurface 1
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Nota Baloyi “I dated Minnie Dlamini back in the day” not my type of women anymore | Viral picture confirms

Nota Baloyi has had much to share about his marriage and previous relationships on Twitter this past week.

He went from opening up about his marriage and the hardship they are going through with his wife Berita to sharing who dated back when he was single. It was a shock to fans that Nota Baloyi and Minnie Dlamini were once in a relationship after sharing pictures from over a decade ago.

Nota Baloyi’s marriage drama with Berita

Rumours had it that Nota Baloyi had gotten back with his wife Berita when the week started after three months of separation.

However, both parties rubbished the stories, with Nota smearing his wife’s name all over social media and accusing her of some dark things. He even called her homeless and said she had nowhere to live after moving out of their marital home, which Berita rubbished by sharing a beautiful view from her apartment.

Nota Baloyi and Berita


Nota Baloyi and Berita-Image Source(Instagram)

Nota also shared that his wife has joined the Illuminati and was possessed by demons, a rumour that Berita did not address. However, both his and her fans took her side and advised Nota to seek mental help as they believed he was now losing his mind.


According to many people, Berita is one of the most unproblematic people in the celebville, and she did not deserve what Nota was doing.

Nota Baloyi dated Minnie Dlamini in the past

In the mix of things, a Twitter user named Chris Excel retweeted Boity Thulo’s tweet from 2010.

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Old snaps of Nota Baloyi with Minnie Dlamini resurface 1

The tweet was a picture of Nota kissing media personality Minnie Dlamini on the cheek while she smiled, and it was captioned with heart emojis. Chris Excel captioned the photo:

Nota has had an eye for baddies since day one