Nota Baloyi calls Emtee a loser

Nota Baloyi has reignited his beef with rapper Emtee as he once again drags him for filth. In a series of tweets, Nota ridiculed him as a father and called him a loser. One wonders when the beef between the two will end since they have been beefing for a while. Taking a swipe at…

Nota Baloyi has rekindled his feud with rapper Emtee by dragging him once more for filth. Nota labeled him a loser and mocked him as a father in a string of tweets.

Since the two have been at odds for a while, one wonders when their feud will come to an end. Nota wrote, “Emtee is terrible, no child should have such a loser as a father… ” in an obvious jab at Emtee. Man, damn it, have some respect for yourself!

Nota Baloyi

This came Emtee revealed that he does not have a manager following his fallout with his former manager.

“I don’t have a manager, never had one so do not ask me anything if you get scammed by someone claiming to be my manager because I don’t have one for a reason. I asked Six (Sizwe Dhlomo) to manage me, he was not keen, I understood. If not Siz then nobody. I will die there,” he tweeted.


Emtee further revealed that Nota declined to manage him after asking him to be his manager. Nota said he refused to work with him because he did not want to go to rehab and called him a junkie.

Tweeps slammed Nota for speaking ill about Emtee.

@Andisa053 commented:

“Man ain’t a junkie, he looks better than you mos.”

@msmalatsi commented

“So which one is better? One who looks like it or one who struggles with drugs?

@Sboh_Cebekhulu said:

“But he’s not a junkie anymore, he only smoke w*ed like you.”

@Nthabelengmope4 wrote:

“But you are the one who looks like a junkie.”


“The one who’s claiming that people need help but he can’t even see himself. I’can’t even recall him taking drugs, that makes me confuse …how does he struggle with them ??”

In response to the backlash, he tweeted “To everyone commenting here, I’m more accomplished than all your fathers!”

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