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Mihlali Ndamase in her flop era?

Tweeps are increasingly persuaded that social media sensation and influencer Mihlali Ndamase has entered her “flop phase” in her career, therefore it must be the final days indeed.

Tweeps aren’t exactly pleased about her most recent social media antics, which have led to people criticizing her from every angle.

Ndamase took to Instagram to share a Sunday World article written about her, accusing her of meddling into someone’s marriage.

“Front page my angels, go get yourself a copy” wrote Mihlali Ndamase

Ndamase’s glorification of the publication’s story on her has offended several people, leading some to refer to her as a “clout demon” on social media. Since then, Twitter users have referred to Ndamase by another name and have caused them to believe the worst about her.

“After Mihlali posted a copy of that newspaper I am convinced that she is the one perpetuating the negative publicity for trends. She is shameless and I hope Musa will not bring her name up in his videos because it’s now clear that she is not a victim of “cyberbullying” as she puts it” wrote MaNdabezitha_

Some Twitter users are even more sure that Ndamase was the one who paid gossip blogger Musa Khawula to write bad articles about her as a result of her dubious activities. Twitter users recollect that there was less commotion surrounding Ndamase at the time Khawula was suspended.

Hence this is the reason why a scores of tweeps are made to believe that Ndamase is crying for attention that she is no longer getting. Her glorifying the article written about her has tweeps calling her an attention seeker more than anything.

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“I love Mihlali but she’s becoming a clout demon” wrote Hopebird

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