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Bongani reacts to her alleged affair with Matthew Booth

Bongani Mthombeni-Möller seems to be unbothered about the chaos regarding soccer legend Matthew Booth and his wife, Sonia. Sonia accused her Bongani of having an affair with her husband.

The star shocked so many on Monday when she detailed on Instagram infidelity that had torn her marriage apart.

Who is Bongani Moller, Matthew Booth's alleged mistress? | The Citizen |  Soniabooth - Cheesecakegate

She alleged Bongani and Matthew had been cheating since Valentine’s Day this year, going on many escapades and buying each other gifts.

“They spent the night in Polokwane and the following day he dropped her off at her house. I bet it was bliss because Matthew Booth arrived home with an exquisitely wrapped gift box, one of the perfumes being Guilty — a wicked sense of humour,” she wrote.

Bongani Möller: The woman at centre of Matthew Booth 'affair'

On Instagram on Tuesday morning, after remaining num while shooting up the trends list, Bongani said: “We are the ones who dare to live, we are the ones who dare to carry on under difficult circumstances … so keep it moving … on to the next.”

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