Thembi Seete’s age and anti ageing secrets

Thembi Seete is an all-round entertainer who has done everything from acting, dancing, judging and entrepreneurship.

Thembi Seete is an all-round entertainer who has done everything from acting, dancing, judging and entrepreneurship.

She has been dupped as the goddess of the small screens and has a cabinet of awards as a testament to her phenomenal skills.

The heavy-weight entertainer was thrust into the limelight when she joined the kwaito Boom Shaka group. Ever since hitting her jackpot in the entertainment industry Thembi Seete became an instant favourite star and has impressed Mzansi with her craft for decades.

Thembi Seete

The age of Thembi Seete

Thembi Seete has always deceived many with her anti ageing looks. She looks like a teenager, yet she is in her healthy 40s. The celebrated on-screen diva was born on 25 March 1977 in Soweto, a township of the City of Johannesburg in Gauteng. Thembi Seete is aged 45 as of 2022, and we can all agree that she ages in grace.

Thembi has from rags to riches story, but she mastered the theory of escaping poverty through her excellent entertaining skills. While growing up, the notion of being rich and famous was far-fetched for her.

She did not grow up on a silver plate like other celebrities; Thembi is a go-getter star who paved the way for herself in the competitive entertainment industry.

She started her career at a young age and nurtured her craft into becoming the legendary and award-winning entertainer she is today. Thembi Seete has grown to become one of Mzansi’s finest star, and Mzansi love to hate her.

In October 2021, Thembi Seete made headlines after she revealed her anti-ageing secrets. Taking to Instagram, the star shared the formula she used to keep looking young and sexy. Thembi Seete admitted to having gone for an anti-ageing treatment in what appeared to be an advertisement for the medical centre she mentioned.

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Thembi Seete education

An award-winning actress is a private person who keeps her personal life off social media. Thembi Seete has managed to keep a tight cap on her academic qualifications, and it’s unknown whether she is highly educated. However, she was once trolled on Twitter that she doesn’t have a matric.

Thembi Seete

A sneak peeks at Thembi Seete’s career

She is famously known for the kwaito Boom Shaka group, which reined from 1994-2000. After the group slit in 2000, she launched her solo career and stretched her wings into acting and presenting. She was on Oliver Schmitz’s Hijack Stories, which premiered in 2000.

In 2001 Thembi released her debut solo album, “Lollipop”, which was a resounding success and was followed up by a second album Smatsatsa, featuring hits like Shayi Zandla and Mphate Kahle as well as featuring kwaito sensation Skwatta Kamp.

She was also featured on the hit drama series Yizo Yizo, and her voice was behind the famous track Sure Ntombazana for the soundtrack to Yizo Yizo 2, which was a stepping stone for her music career.

Thembi Seete nailed her character as Ntombazana in Yizo Yizo, which marked the beginning of her booming acting career. In the backdrop of her fame, she won another acting on the SABC1 drama series Gaz’lam. After being featured in Gaz’lam, she has been featured in different television roles, and her acting career is flourishing.

Thembi Seete and Somizi Mhlongo

Career on Idols SA

Thembi Seete topped the trends when Idols SA showrunners announced her as one of the season 18 judges. She replaced Unathi Nkayi as the judge for season 18 and co-judged with Somizi Mhlongo and JR Bogopa. Thembi brought fantasy to the show, and she proved that she was a legend when she performed with the Boom Shaka at the Idols SA finals.

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However, rumours are making rounds on social media that she may not return on season 19 of Idols SA as she failed to impress the show’s viewers. Many accused her of being a wrong judge who was too soft on the contestants.

Thembi Seete’s relationships and baby daddy

She is one of the hottest celebrities in Mzansi. Thembi Seete once had a relationship with  Bobo ‘Bo’ Seritsane and dated for ten years. The coupe got engaged in a colourful ceremony, but they called it quits before they tied the knot.

Collen Mashawana and Thembi Seete

After she parted ways with Bobo Seritsane, Thembi Seete was reportedly in a romantic relationship with millionaire Collen Mashwana. Thembi and Collen have a four-year-old son Dakalo, and it’s unknown whether the couple is still together.