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The Queen Teasers – Coming up this November 2022

Tuesday 1 November 2022Episode 72ExposedAndiswa confronts Schumacher and Mncedisi. Brutus is fed up with his sons’ demands for information.

Tuesday 1 November 2022Episode 72ExposedAndiswa confronts Schumacher and Mncedisi. Brutus is fed up with his sons’ demands for information.

Wednesday 2 November 2022Episode 73Best laid plansLondiwe tries to make amends with Harriet. Schumacher struggles to come to terms with losing Mncedisi. A new woman has interest in Mlungisi.

Thursday 3 November 2022Episode 74Show, don’t tellLondiwe fails to get money from Douglas’ old friends and associates. Cora makes her intentions clear to Mlungisi. Schumacher shows Mncedisi how he feels about him.

Friday 4 November 2022Episode 75LifelineLondiwe gets a lifeline from an unexpected source. Andiswa gives Schumacher and Mncedisi her blessing. Mlungisi basks in the glory of his new conquest.

Monday 7 November 2022Episode 76Time to move outOlerato and Cebo’elihle are concerned about Mlungisi’s latest love interest. Schumacher is ready to take a huge step in his love life.

Tuesday 8 November 2022Episode 77Happily ever afterSchumacher and Mncedisi make a life-changing decision. Duma and Litha are worried Londiwe might have bitten off more than she can chew. Can Mlungisi stick to his guns and stop himself catching feelings for Cora?

Wednesday 9 November 2022Episode 78The games we playSchumacher struggles to get his wedding plans off the ground. Mlungisi confuses Cora with his hot and cold attitude. Londiwe makes her first business move.

Thursday 10 November 2022Episode 79Opposites attractMlungisi finally makes a move with Cora. Londiwe’s deal with Dlamini might be threatened by Skhumbuzo.

Friday 11 November 2022Episode 80With this ring I thee wedSchumacher ties the knot. Young love blossoms between Cora and Mlungisi. Londiwe’s darkness begins to see some light.

Monday 14 November 2022Episode 81Follow my leadA new client turns things around for the Jamas. Mlungisi and Cora take their relationship to the next level. Schumacher’s honeymoon plans start off on a wrong note.

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Tuesday 15 November 2022Episode 82Catching feelingsThe Khozas drug business is in danger of imploding thanks to Londiwe. Mlungisi realises his relationship with Cora might not be as simple as he once thought.

Wednesday 16 November 2022Episode 83Meet the familyCora and Mlungisi are at odds about him meeting her family. The Khozas try to figure out who the new coke supplier in town is. As everyone starts to believe Schumacher just ran away and Mpumelelo wants to question Mncedisi

Thursday 17 November 2022Episode 84Troubling times aheadIt seems like Mlungisi is finding love in a place where his siblings would never have expected. Harriet and Brutus are worried about the future of their business.

Friday 18 November 2022Episode 85BlindsidedNkosiyabo’s actions land Mlungisi in hot water. Harriet discovers that she failed to bury an old enemy.

Monday 21 November 2022Episode 86Terminal illnessMncedisi is almost caught with something compromising and he deflects all attention to his sister again. Harriet and Brutus are realising they are old news.

Tuesday 22 November 2022Episode 87I’m not dyingMncedisi gets excited when Mpumelelo gets a call about Schumacher being found. Harriet declares war against Londiwe.

Wednesday 23 November 2022Episode 88Love hurtsMlungisi struggles with how to win Cora back. Mncedisi and Patronella are anxious when something happens on Schumacher’s social media.

Thursday 24 November 2022Episode 89Unbreak my heartHarriet seeks an answer to get what she wants. Mlungisi’s news doesn’t get the reception he desires. Mpumelelo sees an aggressive side to Mncedisi.

Friday 25 November 2022Episode 90A cold day in hellMncedisi makes peace with Andiswa and there’s a new development. Harriet slowly puts her plan of bringing Londiwe down in motion. Mlungisi struggles to get his father’s approval.

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Monday 28 November 2022Episode 91The forbidden marriageMlungisi is ready to pay lobola. Harriet is working hard to lure her possible weapon against Londiwe.

Tuesday 29 November 2022Episode 92Supply and demandMlungisi makes plans to continue lobola negotiations despite Brutus’ protests. Mpumelelo finds Mncedisi’s sudden upbeat mood strange. Harriet puts pressure on Miriam to find Londiwe’s supplier.

Wednesday 30 November 2022Episode 93A new dawn

Harriet comes face to face with Julio. Cora’s father turns the tables on Mlungisi. Miriam realises Harriet was playing chess not checkers with her.