Pax stole Mosebjadi’s story, and this annoys Mzansi

Pax stole Mosebjadi’s story, and the sight of this boy annoys Mzansi Skeem Saam is definitely one of the top loved television soap operas in the country where writers keep on being praised for doing an amazing job. It is said that their writers are talented as their content is always informative. At the end…

Skeem Saam

One of the most popular television soap operas in the nation and one whose writers are frequently complimented for their outstanding work is Skeem Saam. Because their content is always educational, it is claimed that their writers have talent. Each scenario concludes with a message that is delivered to the world. It’s encouraging to see the soap drama doing such fantastic work and illuminating many individuals around the nation. The authors received accolades for drawing attention to the problem of love scams.

Many young women have been defrauded in the past on the pretense of love. Sad to watch women suffer great losses at the hands of those who professed to love them. This plot educated a lot of individuals who were actually in the dark. Additionally, it made a lot of people aware of the problem of job scams, in which applicants are required to pay money in order to be considered for a position. The cast is renowned for inspiring people, particularly those who doubt their ability to succeed in life.

This time around viewers have revealed they are really fed up with the cast. This is after Paxton Kgomo acted by Thabiso Molokomme won the story competition after stealing Mosebjadi’s story. Winning this competition could have changed the life of her mother and her sibling. Sadly, she was robbed all because she is poor. Viewers revealed that they are more tired because he always gets away with his wrong acts. There is no time where the writers will portray him being punished and it’s wrong.

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