Skeem Saam More trouble for Prehasa now that Nothile is back for Lehasa 1

Nothile Is The Reason Why Lehasa Is A Free Man.

Lehasa has finally confesses how Nothile has help him not to go to prison. For many times viewers has been wondering how Lehasa escape from going to jail. In the past few days we have seen Lehasa receiving messages. We have been wondering about the person who has been calling him late and even in…

Lehasa has finally admitted that Nothile saved him from going to jail. Viewers have frequently questioned how Lehasa avoided being arrested. Lehasa has been seen receiving messages over the last few days. We have been curious about the caller who has been contacting him at odd hours, including early in the morning.

Khwezi questioned Lehasa for cheating on Pretty with Nothile in the most recent episode. Khwezi was aware that Nothile had been calling and texting Lehasa. Evidently, Lehasa has changed her mind about Khwezi leaving. Khwezi is currently being used by Lehasa as an alibi for his own advantages.

It is accurate to say that Nothile is the reason Lehasa is at liberty and not behind bars. The letter Nothile sent to Lehasa has already been viewed by us. Lehasa has received a love letter from Nothile. She claimed that he is now aware of her affection for him. It was Nothile who spoke with her father and pleaded with him not to send Lehasa to jail. Khwezi claims that Lehasa is having an extramarital affair with Nothile.

Khwezikazi and Pretty are like a cat and dog who is always fighting each other. This is just another trap Khwezi is setting. Khwezi wants Pretty to hit her so that she lay charges against her. Khwezi must accept that pretty is there for good.

Clearly Pretty is tired of being disrespected by Khwezi. The relationship between Lehasa and Pretty is going to force Khwezi to reconsider what Marothi has said to her about Lehasa. Khwezi is thinking of bringing Lehasa down so that she can get everything Lehasa owns.

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