Natasha Thahane’s agenda exposed

Natasha Thahane’s agenda exposed. In reference to the fact that the actress Natasha Thahane is in a relationship with the soccer star Thembinkosi Lorch, some Twitter users have referred to her as a “confused hun.” People on Twitter have given Thahane the nickname “businesswoman” in reference to the fact that they believe she is using…

Secret agenda of Natasha Thahane. Some Twitter users have called the actress Natasha Thahane a “confused hun” due to the fact that she is dating the soccer player Thembinkosi Lorch. Because they think Thahane is exploiting men to advance her professional and personal objectives, some on Twitter have given her the nickname “businesswoman” in response to this.

Natasha Thahane is once again the subject of attention, but this time it is not in any way related to her on-again, off-again romance with soccer player Thembinkosi Lorch.

This time around, Thahane is more or less being called a “gold-digger,” as a lot of her followers on Twitter have identified a number of individuals with whom she has had some kind of encounter in the past but afterwards dumped them.

Natasha Thahane is put under a magnifying glass by the controversial Chris Excel, who criticizes her for exploiting men to further her own life and career, and then breaking off her relationships with those men later on.

“Natasha is a businesswoman. – Used A-Reece to get in the industry – Used Cellular to get Steers endorsement – Used Lorch go get Carling Promo – Sundowns.. loading,” wrote Chris Excel. “Natasha is a businesswoman. – Used Cellular to get Steers endorsement – Used Lorch go get Carling Promo – Sundowns. loading.”

@ChrisExcel102 Very business minded this one, I wonder utya bani kula Sundowns 🙈🙈🙈🙈 https://t.co/WwftX3YZn3
8:28 AM · Nov 13, 2022

A few of her followers have also brought up the topic of the government funding that was used to pay for her abroad studies. Which at this point has been an issue that cannot be ignored, seeing as how people on Twitter are constantly breathing down her neck about being “illegally” sponsored by the government based on the claimed ties.

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Since a photo of Natasha Thahane that appeared to show her dressed in traditional South African wedding attire was recently revealed, the status of her relationship with Thembinkosi Lorch has been a hotly debated subject. Tweeps are still surprised that Thahane and Lorch are dating since they find the nature of their relationship to be a little mysterious.

One minute it is claimed that the couple has broken up, and the next minute they are seen attending the same events together wearing nearly identical costumes and snapping pictures together. It has been reported that Lorch has already transferred the lobola money to Thahane’s family, but it is still uncertain whether or not the couple tied the knot in the past week.

Natasha Thahane welcomed her first kid into the world a few short months ago, and despite the fact that she has been careful not to post pictures of her new little bundle of joy online, a snapshot of the adorable infant has lately gone viral.

Natasha Thahane returned to her job a few months after the birth of her child and after her allotted time off for maternity leave had passed. It is difficult to believe that she has only recently become a mother given the photographs that she has shared online. It would appear that her body has spontaneously returned to the state it was in before she became pregnant.

Natasha and Lorch have had a sporadic romantic involvement with one another over the past few years. After months of speculating that something was cooking between the two public figures, tweeps finally found proof that the two were dating when they both shared photos that put them together. It is unclear when the two began dating, but after months of speculating, tweeps finally found proof that the two were dating when they both shared photos that put them together.

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Both Natasha Thahane and Lorch rejected the dating rumors when they were first brought up, but later on, they acknowledged that they were in a relationship.

After making their relationship public for a couple of months, internet users began to speculate that the two had ended their relationship after discovering that they had unfollowed each other on social media and deleted each other’s pictures. This led to the speculation that the two had broken up. It would appear that the couple did not end their relationship after all, despite the rumours to the contrary.