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How to maintain beautiful Afro Hair

Growing afro hair can be one of the most expensive and annoying things to do. Afro hair requires a lot of time, maintenance, and products

Growing afro hair can be one of the most expensive and annoying things to do. Afro hair requires a lot of time, maintenance, and products. There are days that your hair will be dry and you will feel like it does not grow.

Growing natural hair eventually is not hard and does not complicate things. All you need to do is to maintain your hair very well. You have to always protect your hair mostly at night by using a silk pillowcase for your hair not to get damaged.


You have to maintain your natural hair by using vitamins and minerals for it to grow. You have to keep your hair moisturized because dry hair causes hair problems. You can keep your hair moisturized even by oils. Remember to always wash your hair roughly 2 times a week.


If you are struggling to grow your hair with products that you’re using try some home remedies or coconut oil and castor oil as they work wonders when it comes to hair.


There are many kinds of oil for natural hair e.g. Jojoba, Argan, black-owned products such as Black Pearl and Aunt Jackie’s hair food, and some healthy hair foods.


Deep conditioning is key to replace any lost hair. Hair is absorbent. Always cut the splits because new hair grows from the roots and cutting your dead ends can make your hair grow massive. Not getting rid of the splits can damage your hair growth and making it not grow.

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Apply the product after washing your hair and apply the product before applying heat. You don’t have to apply the product to dry hair. To be safe use a dry towel to stop drips then apply your products. Don’t use the above hot temperature.

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You have to be careful when combing your hair. When your hair is dry you have to comb it fast to minimize the pain and use a big tooth comb. When your hair is moisture and wet it can be comb easily.


There are vitamins and supplements for afro hair growth, and they can make your hair healthy, strong and grow quickly. In terms of supplements, there are three ways you can use such as soft-gels, tablets and liquid. They all allow you to control, and maintain your hair well.

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