His Family Beat me Up While Pregnant(8):Gogo Maweni on Ex-Sundowns Star

TV personality Lee-ann Gogo Maweni Makopo has confessed to having dated 3 soccer players

TV personality Lee-ann Gogo Maweni Makopo has confessed to having dated 3 soccer players.

She dated a former Sundowns player Siyabonga Zulu, while he was playing for both Platinum stars and Sundowns.

The two love birds were in a relationship for 3 years.

Zulu used to stay at Gogo Maweni’s house at some point,while she was pregnant. However, Zulu’s family had a big problem with this.

They thought Gogo was using Zulu and chowing his money.

Gogo Maweni was surprised by these revelations. She revealed that she used to buy the family grocery, at some point but they did not complain.

Zulu was waiting for a proposal from both Kaizer Chiefs and Sundowns after his stint at Platinum stars.

Gogo revealed that she “helped” Zulu get a “deal” at a big club in Gauteng using her “muthi” traditional medicine. It is thanks to her that Zulu ended up playing for a big team like Sundowns.

She wanted to start an empire with Zulu back then, just like Dj Tira and Gugu.

Zulu started changing when he was at Sundowns. He started having parties on a daily basis. Money changed him.

When gogo Maweni was pregnant Zulu’s family refuse to accept the child.

She chose to let go of the relationship.
She decided to retuned his clothes.
When she arrived the family was there.
According to Gogo, the family attacked her. They kicked her in the stomach while she was 8 months pregnant.

Gogo had to save her life,She drive off, while Zulu’s mother was at the side of the door. She fell while Gogo was driving off and  went to the police station.

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Gogo’s family went straight to the police station also.

She told her mother what happened. Gogo’s mother  and Zulu’s mother had an altercation.

She said this “lady is 8 months pregnant”. Why would you guys attack her in such a state?

Gogo decided to stay far away from the family. When the child was born, they refuse to accept the child.

Zulu is currently clueless at the age of 29.
Gogo says Zulu is clueless at age 29 because ” no one can mess with her and get away with it”.