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Get to know Gomora actress ‘Sannah Mchunu’

Sannah Mchunu is a  celebrated South African actress best known for her on-screen character in Mzansi Magic’s watched drama series Gomora.

Sannah Mchunu is a  celebrated South African actress best known for her on-screen character in Mzansi Magic’s watched drama series Gomora.

In the drama series, she stars as Zodwa. Her unmatched acting flair and bubbly personality have undoubtedly seen her as one of Mzansi’s most loved actresses. In the wake of her newfound fame, she has been winning big.

Gomora Character and Rise to Fame

She is that actress we all love to hate and can’t get enough of. Her street lingo and knowledge to get things done, be it family issues or personal woes, has seen her being the most sort after actress.

She stars as Bonganis wife and mother to Sibongile and Teddy. Zodwa was once married to Don; however, she shot Don point blank in the mix of things and got away with the murder.

Sannah Mchunu

Zodwa Salary at Gomora

Rumour mill has it that Sannah Mchunu’s salary at the Mzansi Magic drama series was improved after several drama series tried to lure her from Gomora. Rumour mill has it that she was offered a whopping R90 000 per month for season three. Her monthly pay-out saw her being one of the most-paid actresses in Mzansi. In the wake of her career heights, she has been in demand.

Sannah Mchunu’s Age

Sannah Mchunu

After all, she is older than we thought. In 2022 she joined club 50. The bubbly actress joined a host of Mzansi actresses, like Connie Ferguson, who has turned 50 years old. She was born on 19 March 1972 in Mofolo North, Soweto, South Africa. However, her birthday party was attended by several actresses, mainly from the Gomora cast.

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Seven children from different marriages

It comes as a shocker that she is a mother of seven children from different marriages. Unfortunately, the bubbly actress didn’t complete her education after falling pregnant at the age of 14 years. To make matters worse, she had her second child at the age of 19 years. In recent years she has opened up about her failed marriages and has often dished out marriage advice.

Failed Marriage

Sannah Mchunu was in an abusive relationship for nine years. At some point in life, she said enough is enough and called it quits. She has it that the pain became unbearable, and she had no option but to opt out.

The actress has it that despite being in the marriage for the sake of her children, they eventually encouraged her to leave. It happens that the singular decision became the best she has made so far in her life.

Reviving her painful marital life, Zodwa said:

“I had to go back home to Sgodiphola in Soweto with nothing to offer my children. He had the money and all I knew was to give birth and stay home. Sometimes you need to walk away from situations that do not serve you and learn to start over again. Look at me now – telling amazing stories and making the country laugh.”

Rise to Fame

Sannah Mchunu 'Zodwa' From Gomora (Source Instagram)

Despite being a teen mother, she was forced to do odd jobs at a young age.

However, the late Brenda Fasse later discovered her and trained her to become a professional dancer. Since then, she has been winning big of late.

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