Former Generations Actress Sonia Mbele Speaks Out About Leaving The Show To Save Her Marriage

Many of us remember watching Sonia Mbele on our screens playing Ntombi Dhlomo. Sonia won our heart with this character as she played the character of Ntombi on the popular soapie. Sonia was on Kaya FM speaking with Dineo Ranaka and Sol Phenduka on 959 breakfast show.          Sonia Mbele spoke up about being married…

Many of us recall watching Sonia Mbele perform Ntombi Dhlomo on our televisions. Sonia, who portrayed Ntombi on the well-liked soap opera, won our hearts with this role. During the 959-breakfast program on Kaya FM, Sonia had a conversation with Dineo Ranaka and Sol Phenduka.

Sonia Mbele discussed her marriage and said that she had compromised herself in every manner. “You know when something isn’t working, but you still want to find a way to make it work,” she added. I recall appearing on the greatest show in the nation and being unable to watch it because it upset the people surrounding me. It grew deeper.

She talked about how her profession caused someone in her life discomfort, which led to her losing her job after leaving the show. She went on to add that other factors contributing to her decision to depart Generations were unjust payment and treatment. She continued,

“There were several causes. For me, the decision to go anyway arose from the fact that I could observe what transpired during the evacuation. I could feel it.Sonia has now started to act again and has appeared on DiepCity, and is no longer married. She said that she wants to be one of the biggest producers in the country.

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