ETV Scandal: Mdala moving back in with his wife, Dankie Munyuza. He will get to see her daily

Hlogi has been wanting to divorce Mdala when he was in jail. And now that he is out, he was planning to win Hlogis’s heart back. Thieves raided Levells and tried to hurt Munyuza, but thanks to Mdala she was saved, however he got shot in the process.

He was then taken to hospital and had to undergo surgery which Hlogi paid for. The surgery was a success and now he is recovering day by day. His aunt wanted to take him to her place, but Hlogi refused. She offered to stay with Tokollo until he is 100% well.

His aunt felt like she was no longer needed but Hlogi surprised her. Despite the way she treated Hlogi, Hlogi invited her to come and stay with her too. She was happy and so was Tokollo. Hlogi has a kind heart.


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