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Zodwa Wabantu Is Going Through A Tough Time

Zodwa took to social media to thank her bestie Dladla Mshunqisi for always being there for her and having her back.

Zodwa took to social media to thank her bestie Dladla Mshunqisi for always being there for her and having her back.

“Thank you very much, my friend; with everything I face on a daily basis, I knew the ancestors chose me; being stubborn is over.”

In the video, she is crying and thanking him even more.

A celebrity’s life can be exhausting at times. They are always preaching mental health and admitting that they are the most affected. The most recent celebrity is Zodwa Wabantu, who made headlines for allegedly missing out on gigs.


“My friend thank you so much. They can ask themselves what is it that you did for me.”

Zodwa told the Daily Sun that she is going through a lot and that Dladla is a true friend to her.

“I’m not going to mention them one by one. But I’m going through a lot,” she said.

“He is a true friend of mine. I trust him with everything. He has proven to be more than just my best friend, but a brother to me,” she added.

She went on to say that her ancestors are always there for her, saying, “My ancestors are always with me in whatever challenge I’m going through; I respect them and they provide for me.”

Dladla was also asked what he had done for Zodwa, and he stated that he is not only a good friend to her, but she is also a dear friend to him.

“We understand each other. She has shown me nothing but love. I respect her for who she is and she does the same for me. It’s not about what I’ve done for her but rather what we do for each other,” he said.

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Zodwa made headlines recently when an event organizer claimed she owed him money. According to the Daily Sun, Zodwa did not pitch for an event in Mpumalanga after being paid R12 000 by Sibusiso Mthombeni.

Zodwa recently split up with her boyfriend Ricardo, and it is reported that the police were involved in their breakup.

“They gave me a form and gave him a form too to fill. I have not completed the form, because after returning home from court, I slept because I was tired. I will complete the form and submit it on Monday,” she said. “He is here, even now. He is in another room and I’m in another room (of the house)….I guess I will only know when the [restraint] order is served on me,” she said.