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Zahara in DRC Mzansi is worried that she will indulge into alcohol

Social media has been used by people in South Africa to beg singer Zahara not to drink.

Social media has been used by people in South Africa to beg singer Zahara not to drink.

Zahara, a singer from South Africa who is well-known for drinking excessively and performing while intoxicated, was recently on tour in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

The warbler posted delightful pictures of herself in the changing area as she was preparing for her show.

She said in the captions that this was her fourth day in DRC.

Despite the fact that South Africans are pleased that she is securing gigs and touring, they took it upon themselves to caution her against drinking. People on social media begged her not to drink alcohol so that she wouldn’t ruin this great opportunity. Mzansi appears to be extremely concerned about Zahara’s drinking habits from the comments. People on the internet sincerely hope that she does not relapse into alcohol abuse.

Take a look at some of the social media responses;


@22muzidv, please don’t get drunk there;

Please contact @linda_malindela for awusemuhle sthandwa and ungaphuzi;

Please Avoid Drinking @Brusca101;

We love you, Zahara; just know that there are people back home who adore you. Keep in mind that there are people who love you no matter what you do. Just a note. You are stunning.


As a nation, we are about to be embarrassed.

In the meantime, Zahara has been rumored to have drinking issues by social media users before.

Twitter recently saw a video of the musician performing while looking drunk.

After a video of Zahara performing at the Macufe Lifestyle Divas Show in Bloemfontein went viral, she found herself being dragged on social media.

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