#SkeemSaam Updates: Will Lehasa And Khwezi’s Child Survive?
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#SkeemSaam Updates: Will Lehasa And Khwezi’s Child Survive?

Khwezi is aware that Lehasa will in fact have Pretty and that Lehasa does not respect her. Khwezi is gradually seizing opportunities to consider her as the next strategy. Kgosi is constantly persuading her to do things…

Kgosi is constantly persuading her to do things that will save her marriage. Since Khwezi is currently married, it would appear that she is a single woman. Kgosi will come up with a different strategy, which appears extremely risky.

Pretty will still manage the tension between Khwezi and her child unless Pretty is expecting Khwezi to move out immediately. Being lively is justifiable, and even her mother continues to have a relationship with Lehasa.

Khwezi is stressed out because she has to figure out that Lehasa has proposed to Pretty.

kgosi skeem saam

Since Pretty is useful for anything, it would be preferable if Kgosi did not consider ending Pretty’s life.

Dating someone like Lehasa is one hell of a ride. Baby girl have been through a lot imagen being bullied by Kgosi who doesn't bath. 1 (2)

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