Wife cheats on Husband and acts like a victim

Mzansi Accused This Lady Of Being Manipulative After She Cheats On Her Husband & And Act Like Victim

Mzansi Accused This Lady Of Being Manipulative After She Cheats On Her Husband & And Act Like Victim

But Tshepo s wife has been saying that she doesn’t want to be in this marriage mos #FOREVERMAYBE

— Ubuhle Angela (@UbuhleAngela) November 6, 2022

Mzansi have reacted to the lady named Queen after she was heard saying Anelisa doesn’t respect her husband in the recent episode of #Forevermaybe. Mzansi has been saying that Queen and Skhumbuzo should be together since they both behave the same.

Today Skhumbuzo is so unsettled because Anelisa sounds like she’s seeing the light and he’s scared for his bag. Skhumbuzo married Anelisa for financial security, he’s reasons don’t make sense.

Mzansi have noticed that Queen is the first to talk about respect when she is ungreatful for the men who sacrificed everything for her to have a better job and life. Her husband has quite his job so that he can stay at jome and look after his sick child. It’s so disappointing that his wife does not see the sacrifices he has made.

Mzansi have been saying that Queen does not deserve Tshepo. Tshepo is an amazing husband, loving caring and really wants what is best for their marriage. Viewers have noticed that Queen is manipulative and Tshepo is being played.

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Mzansi wonder what’s going to happen when her husband finds out about her cheating saga of getting money from other people. After finally confessing to infidelity, Queen buries her face into a pillow and cries. Queen was lying about “just flirting with other men for money”.

Queen reminds me of Sis Grace on Mina Nawe House. She cheated on Bra Bheki but somehow managed to turn it around and make it Bab Bheki’s fault. Now Bab Bheki was the one making sure she’s okay instead him being angry. Queen and Mam Grace are twins, what do you think.

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