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Tshedi Mholo from Malaika graduates; her qualifications Amazes Mzansi

🔴Malaika Star Graduates Again🔴
Malaika star Tshedi Mholo has graduated yet again. The singer has thanked the South African Music Rights Organisation as well as Boston City Campus, for supporting her throughout.

Matshediso Mholo, popularly known as Tshedi Mholo, rose to fame and became a household name when she debuted as part of the musical trio Malaika. The vocalist was the group’s lead singer for many years till she quit to pursue a solo career in 2021. She made headlines recently when people caught wind of the news that she had gone back to school and was back on the bench. Tshedi Mholo has finally shared that she has graduated, and all her education qualifications have impressed her fans.

Tshedi Mholo

Tshedi Mholo and her music career

In the early 2000s, Malaika topped the charts, and the trio gave Mzansi many classic songs they could sing along to. The group went on to make a name for themselves on an International platform and gained recognition everywhere they went.

Tshedi Mholo

Malaika was last heard from several years ago, and they have not been heard from since. The group parted ways when one of its members suffered an illness and died, and then the group dissolved.

Tshedi Mholo


Tshedi Mholo

Tshedi Mholo-Image Source(Instagram/tshedimholo)


Tshedi took time to return to school, even with her career and busy life, inspiring many people. The singer recently took to her Instagram to share that she had enrolled with Boston City Campus and that Samro was paying for her studies. Many of her fans congratulated the songstress and wished her the best as they said they have also been motivated to go back to school.

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Tshedi Mholo graduates from Boston City College

Today the singer shared on her Instagram that she has finally graduated and shared pictures from her celebrations with fans.


The singer was known to have been an educator and had para-legal undergraduate qualifications on her bios. It is still unclear what other qualifications she obtained as the singer has not shared them publicly.

Tshedi Mholo


Tshedi Mholo-Image Source(Instagram/TshediMholo)

However, Tshedi Mholo was known to be a former member of the choir of the University of North West student choir. Many people have applauded the singer for her hard work and seeking more knowledge as they say their congratulations. In the comment section, celebrities like Zandile Khumalo shared their messages of congratulations to Mholo.