Thuli Phongolo under fire after insinuating she is rich


Social media has certainly not forgiven former Generations actress and DJ Thuli Phongolo for rubbing them off the wrong way with her ‘arrogant’ tweet. Phongolo falls social media backlash victims as she announces wanting to sue her network service provider, Telkom.

Thuli Phongolo under fire after insinuating she is rich

The outraged Thuli Phongolo upset tweeps yet again as she takes to Twitter to announce that she wants to sue Telkom. Evidently, the DJ is having some connection issues with her network provider, as she puts them on blast on social media hoping for tweeps to jump onto her bandwagon.

During her Twitter rants, Thuli Phongolo goes on to mention that for the whole week she has been having difficulties with the connection. And whenever she tries to reach Telkom, she cannot get through. Her outrage comes from not getting the assistance she would expect from her service provider.

Tweeps were then immediately reminded when Thuli Phongolo basically told them off on Twitter that she was very ‘rich’ and she never worries about price when making purchases. Tweeps have turned on her, as they are questioning ‘why would she use Telkom when she was so rich?

In a turn of events, Thuli Phongolo have since had a bit of a change of mind from her ‘arrogant’ tweet the other day about Mzansi’s economy. She has written to her fans, letting them know she is now in tune with reality after she received her hybrid system invoice.

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