The Black Door Teasers – December 2022

Coming up on The Black Door this December 2022:Thursday 1 December 2022Episode 169Send LocationNandi is almost raped. Minnie wants to work at The Black Door. Boniswa shows up at The Black Door and Rebs is shocked.Friday 2 December 2022Episode 170Half Of EverythingNkanyiso plays hard ball with the Mabuzas. The community of Eshlahleni addresses the escalating…

Coming up on The Black Door this December 2022:

Thursday 1 December 2022 Episode 169

Send   is almost raped. Minnie wants to work at The Black Door. Boniswa shows up at The Black Door and Rebs is shocked.

Friday 2 December 2022 Episode 170

Half Of EverythingNkanyiso plays hard ball with the Mabuzas. The community of Eshlahleni addresses the escalating crime with the culprits present at the meeting. Mvubu makes agrees to a hard plea.

Monday 5 December 2022 Episode 17

1IFA InheritanceRebs wants to transfer Boniswa’s assets into her name to prevent Nkanyiso from getting anything through the divorce settlement. Velaphi and Slender rob a man of God. Minnie gets her groove back and starts turning heads at work.

Tuesday 6 December 2022 Episode 172

Game OnRebs doesn’t want Boniswa to divorce Nka just yet because this messes up her plans. Velaphi loses his virginity while defying Vusabelele’s warning.

Wednesday 7 December 2022 Episode 173

UnmaskedBoniswa is ready to kill Rebs if she dares put a hand on Nka. Velaphi rejects his dream of becoming a soccer Star for the life of crime. Minnie comes asking for help from Khaya. Minnie joins Khaya and Romeo doing private clients.

Thursday 8 December 2022 Episode 174

Speak Now or Forever Hold Your PeaceKhaya extends an olive branch to Frans and gives him the infamous USB and a surprise session with Minnie. Coach almost tells the Sokhulu that he was mugged by Velaphi and Velaphi prevents this by flashing his gun to coach.Boniswa accuses Rebs of having something to do with Nka’s absenteeism from the house.

Friday 9 December 2022 Episode 175

Say Yes, My LoveNka attempts to rewrite his history with Boniswa. Khaya finally gets the green-light and makes a bold move. Velaphi and Slender sink deeper into crime.

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Monday 12 December 2022 Episode 176

Lovers and ThievesRebs is furious when she learns that Bonnie and Nka have signed their divorce papers. Thenji breaks down when she realises that Velaphi and Slender are the ones who have been robbing people. A client requests that Khaya and Minnie have sex while he watches them.

Tuesday 13 December 2022 Episode 177

In Your DreamsThe walls seem to be closing in on Rebs as pieces of Boniswa’s memory are starting to come back, and a greedy Nkanyiso applies pressure. It may be the end of the road for Velaphi and Slender, as the community catch them red handed.Khaya reels from sleeping with Minnie and wants to set Nandi’s inquisitive mind at rest.

Wednesday 14 December 2022 Episode 178

Cast the First StoneVelaphi’s sins have caught up with him and is about to burn to death with Slender but is saved by Rebs in the nick of time.Thursday 15 December 2022Episode 179A New Godmother and Goon BondNkanyiso holds his own in the divorce settlement meeting and has demands of his own. Rebs takes in another Sokhulu under her wing. Nandi loses it when she catches Khaya in a compromising situation.

Friday 16 December 2022Episode

180 Take Your Love and Keep ItSabelo takes it upon himself to help Boniswa remember her dream and remove all the bad potion put in her body. Thenji shows the Sokhulus the stolen goods that Velaphi was hiding in the backroom and they all agree to return the stolen stuff to the owners.Khaya asks Malume Bulelani to write a letter but Nandi refuses to take the letter to her father until Khaya sorts out his headspace.

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Monday 19 December 2022 Episode 181

Checkmate After realising what Rebs did to make her forget about how her father died, Boniswa wants to confront Rebs but Sabelo counsels her. Thenji attacks MaDlamini for insulting her and her family while Velaphi refuses to go back home and insists on staying at the Mabuza house. MaMkhize needs to vent to someone about her troubles with Frans, but she can’t go to Nomsa because she feels guilty for abandoning Nomsa in her time of trouble.

Tuesday 20 December 2022 Episode 182

Gloves OffNkanyiso is officially the owner of the Mabuza Enterprise. The Sokhulus shut down their businesses for a few days until things cool down. MaMkhize reaches out to Nomsa with the “Heal Our Land” church initiative, but Nomsa rejects her.

Wednesday 21 December 2022 Episode 183

Victories and VicesBoniswa and Sabelo’s bond is getting stronger. Christmas at the black door, Vuvuzela dresses like Santa and services a client. Nomsa kicks her Pastor and church out of her home calling them hypocrites.

Thursday 22 December 2022 Episode 184

Sinners and SchemersNkanyiso wants to be the CEO asap, and this worries Rebs but she finds a way to wriggle out of this. Velaphi’s Christmas Eve visit to his family ends in tears. Frans finds out that Nandi is no longer a virgin. MaMkhize and her team hit the streets to evangelise about the Christmas service.

Friday 23 December 2022Episode 185

Jingle BellsKhaya is shocked to find out that Nomsa does not approve of him marrying Nandi, an emotional Boniswa snaps when Rebs gifts Velaphi  Boy-Boy’s gold chain and the pastor fulfils MaMkhize’s wet dreams

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.Monday 26 December 2022 Episode 186

Feelings Of NostalgiaMaMkhize reminisces about her adultery with the Pastor, before rejecting Frans’ advances. Nomsa demands a heart to heart with Rebs at her mansion. Velaphi gives Boniswa a detailed account of what unfolded the night Boy-Boy died

Tuesday 27 December 2022 Episode 187

Forgive and ForgetRebs connects the dots about Boniswa’s sudden contempt for her and confronts Sabelo. Despite MaMkhize and the Pastor’s declaration to end their affair, they continue – only for Matshidiso to catch them in the act.In the wake of the Sokhulu boycott coming to an end, the Sokhulus deliver the fine to the Mkhizes, but Frans wants to see Khaya.

Wednesday 28 December 2022 Episode 188

Run While You Still CanKenny sees an opportunity to scare Sabelo off to make him stay away from Rebs, but his plan fails. The feud between Khaya and Rebs is getting more and more personal.

Thursday 29 December 2022 Episode 189

The Root Of All EvilRomeo receives a call from a big celebrity that wants to host a birthday party at The Black Door. Nomsa is struggling to cope without her church. Nelly is disappointed when Short Gun turns down her offer to have sex.

Friday 30 December 2022Episode 190Happy New Year

Romeo’s karaoke party is a success. Nomsa decides to have a bible study at home but her family members bail on her. Nelly has gone back to her old ways of stringing the guys along for financial gain.