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Sophie Ndaba educates her fans about living with diabetes.

Life is not always what it seems. As people we tend to look at life and think it is what it is while it is not. Things have changed a lot over the years, so much that life is not the same as before. We have so many diseases now that were not there before.…

Not everything in life is as it seems. People often assume that life is as it appears when in reality, it is not. Over the years, a lot has changed, and life now is very different from what it once was. There were not as many diseases as there are now. The importance of self-education cannot be overstated.

Sophie Ndaba is an actress, activist and businesswoman. She has been in the industry for decades now. Sophie is known for her role that she played on Generations: The Legacy of Queen Moroka. She nailed the role so much that we now think of her as Queen. She also starred on Lockdown.

The actress is living with diabetes and she took it upon herself to educate her fans about the illness. Many of us don’t know how bad the illness can be, we are grateful to her for letting us know and how we can be aware of it.

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