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RIP: Lindiwe says her final goodbyes on etvScandal

Etv scandal is teaching us that where ever you get happiness you die so as for pregnancy is so scary and sad for pregnant women out there. As viewers we thought that Lindiwe finally got her happily ever after with the love of her life Nhamulo, even thought their relationship didn’t start on a good point but they managed to get through it all and changed their ways. As viewers we never thought that Lindiwe will finally get the happiness and the family she had always wanted, something always ends up getting in the way.

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After receiving the wonderful news about their pregnancy Lindiwe and Nhlamulo were very happy that their family willy-nilly very complete as they were expecting a baby girl, Larona who will be the greatest blessing in their life. Their happiness was short lived after Lindiwe was diagnosed with a health condition which puts the lives of herself and her unborn baby in danger, she was advised to terminate her pregnancy in order to save her life but she took the risk and kept her baby in the womb for longer.

Finally her body couldn’t take it and the doctor had to deliver Larona and the surgery was quite successful. The baby survived and she is in the incubator were she has to be for next few months until she is fully developed. Lindiwe if very thankful that both her and her baby survived and Nhlamulo couldn’t be more happy.

However their joy will be short lived as the doctor will find a problem with Lindiwe’s heart which will result in her death. It seems her health condition was not improving as the doctor thought and she will have to leave her new born baby, her husband and family to continue raising Larona without her.

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