Requirements for Content Creators

We welcome expert-level content creator on the following topics:

Digital Marketing
Body Building

Why should you Create Content for us?

Exposure: Position yourself as an expert and build your thought leadership! You’ll receive exposure on our website with an author profile and the chance to have your work translated into additional languages.

Reach: Our platform has a growing number of visitors each month. Your article will be shared on our Facebook channels with fast growing number of followers and other social media platforms.

Our platform is fueled by the knowledge of experts from around the world. Are you ready to add your five cents?

We are currently looking for individuals who can provide Video, Audio and Podcast content on a regular basis.

If you would like to become a contributor, then please follow the process below.

Application Process

  1. Apply by sending an email to if you are interested in becoming a guest author.
  2. Our marketing team will check your application. If we think your experience and writing style is a good fit for the SSiTV, we will email you back.
  3. Submit an example of your work. After we’ve decided on a topic and content type, please send a example of your audio, video or podcast content. Once you have been approved, we will send you a contract.
  4. Send us your author profile. For your author profile, we need a profile picture, a short description (maximum 330 characters) and links to your professional social channels, like Twitter and LinkedIn, or to your website.
  5. We will publish & promote your work. Once approved, we will publish and promote your work on our platform and social media pages.
  6. Regularly contribute as a guest content creator. As a content creator for the SSiTV, hopefully, you can submit your work as often as you can! This process typically shortens (i.e. we won’t need to see an outline) after establishing yourself as one of our frequent creators.