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Pregnant Martha is caught red-handed with Ben 10 Pastor – Watch Video

Pregnant Martha is caught red-handed with Ben 10 Pastor – Watch Video… Nowadays women are wiser than men and they have started to cheat way more than men. This man thought his woman was going to Kitwe but she was busy with a side dude. Don’t Move… I will kill you is what got people…

We are not sure as to the details of the names, but we will surely give you the names as we get them but, in the meantime, you can watch this video that is way better than Wakanda Forever. It’s the video of the year and it doesn’t have superheroes unless if you want to call Martha a supervillain!

Mind you the pots and stuff on the floor suggest the couple did some form of rituals before they decided to share the forbidden fruits, but I wonder why their ritual didn’t give them warnings that they would be caught by the owner of the bed… amazing bed by the way! Don’t Move Martha!!! Watch!

Martha was caught red-handed poking Congolese Pastor… A pregnant wife has been caught by her husband having ritual s*x with a Ben 10 in the matrimonial bed in their bedroom. It’s alleged that Martha had told her husband that she was visiting her family in another town (Kitwe)… This was a good chance for Martha to sneak in her side dude (boyfriend). But unfortunately, her husband came home an un-noticed and found the two really rocked in his matrimonial bed like cat and rat.

Martha caught fucking Congolese Pastor

In order to scare off the shadow of Martha’s husband, the said boyfriend(pastor) decorated her soup rival’s bedroom with candles, flowers, etc. Even rats were scared to enter the room, as the papa enjoyed the pregnant Martha… She was overheard shouting,” Finish me, do me, punch me, I see angels go deeper papa! Be my spiritual husband, oh sorry, I mean SPIRITUAL FATHER. Hallelujah, my unborn child. Your name is Isaac, Yes Jacob, I mean Abraham!!…”.

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Martha caught fucking Congolese Pastor

As the Ritualist Papa continued to enter the holy of holies from the back door (behind pregnant curtains) The sex video which was recorded by the aggrieved hubby has since gone viral.

Martha caught fucking Congolese Pastor

Hubby:  “Martha, you told me that you were going to Kitwe…What’s this??!!…Don’t come near me!”, as he video-recorded the culprits.