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Nonkanyiso LaConco becoming a brand

Jacob Zuma was the president of South Africa from 2009 until 2018. He is not just a leader but also a father, husband, grandfather, and a great-grandfather in his family. Zuma isn’t a one woman man, or let’s just say he is a polygamist.

Many men out there are secretly polygamists, but pretend to be monogamous. They have other women and children outside wedlock, but they choose to keep it a secret. Unlike them, Zuma is a proud polygamist.

While Zuma has officially been married six times, Zuma met a 19-year-old girl back in 2013 by the name of Nonkanyiso Conco. She was reported to have been visiting Nkandla since then. This got people wondering why would a little girl with a bright future date such a man who is old enough to be her grandfather.

In 2018, she gave birth to Zuma’s youngest child on his 76th birthday, April 12, 2018. A year after parting ways with Zuma, Nonkanyiso went on to make a name for herself. From being Zuma’s baby mama to becoming a brand. She is working hard to make a different impression.

Nonkanyiso is now a grown woman. She is now the founder of Laconco Naturals, she is presently a brand. In 2021, she featured on the reality show Real Housewives of Durban. Conco is also a radio presenter who has worked with different radio stations including Vuma Fm.
Zuma brought her to the limelight, but she has changed her title , now people know her as Laconco and as time goes by we will even forget that she was once Zuma’s fiancee. Indeed, life is like a book, it has got many chapters. let’s allow Conco to turn to the next chapters of her life and forget everything about Zuma because that chapter has been closed.

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