Nomzamo Mbatha allegedly angered the family of Shaka Zulu

The popular South African actress Nomzamo Mbatha will be part of the much awaited television producti

The popular South African actress Nomzamo Mbatha will be part of the much-awaited television production ‘Shaka Ilembe’ which seeks to highlight the rise of King Shaka.

However, the Daily Sun news released a report alleging that the actress angered the family of Shaka Zulu.

In accordance with the report, when Nomzamo Mbatha and the ‘Shaka iLembe crew’ paid a visit to the grave of Queen Nandi, the family allegedly felt disrespected.

The Mhlongo family allegedly felt disrespected because the visit to the grave was made without their permission. Allegations were that when the Induna Ngelemu Mdlalose tried to block the proceedings, it became physical.


Moving on , it was claimed in the report that the confrontation ended only because Induna Ngelemu Mdlalose wanted peace around the grave of Queen Nandi. The Inkosi Mshazi Nzuza allegedly claimed that he was shocked that the actress Nomzamo Mbatha, and her crew visited the grave without asking for permission to do so from the family.

He also reportedly said that this disturbed him as well as he did not know about it Inkosi Mshazi went on and said that permission had to be asked first from him or the Induna by Nomzamo Mbatha and her production crew before taking a visit to the gravesite. Therefore, this act felt disrespectful to the family and those in charge.

Mhlathuze Mhlongo, who is the spokesperson for the family reportedly said that they were offended by the act as they did not get notified about the intended visit. He said that they have approached the authorities to help deal with the matter.

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