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Nigerian man who leaked ANC officials’ tlot tlof video: Zanele Sifuba revealed

This Nigerian man makes millions by leaking ANC officials’ tlot tlof videos: Zanele Sifuba begged for cash The speaker of the Free State legislature, Zanele Sifuba, desperately sought money from her ANC comrades before her tlof tlof video was circulated on social media this week. Sunday World reported that before the release of the video,…

Before her tlof tlof video was shared on social media this week, Free State legislature speaker Zanele Sifuba pleaded for donations from her ANC colleagues.

Zanele approached many politicians for money, however, she never specified what the money was for.

She only told her fellow colleagues that she needed money urgently, in a state of panic

“She looked depressed, and she told us she needed money fast. We told her that we didn’t have any problem giving her money, but we needed to know what the problem was. She never provided any details. She requested to be lent hundreds of thousands of rand but disappeared after realising that she was not getting the money,” said a source privy to the situation.

The man responsible for the alleged extortion is believed to be a Nigerian, who is known to target top ANC women politicians and socialites.

“She knows the person who leaked the video, but it seems like she is scared to reveal his identity. The same person who leaked the video is an extortionist,” said a source.

The man is said to have tried “the same trick” on a senior SABC news anchor in Bloemfontein, Free State.

However, the SABC employee refused to pay, despite the blackmail.

However, it’s thought that another prominent ANC women politician paid off the blackmailers with a payment of roughly R1 million. However, this could not be independently verified, despite being a topic of debate in the province.

She has given two of the man’s mobile phone numbers, but she won’t give out his name for an unknown reason. But a Limpopo woman’s cell phone number has been linked to one of the calls.

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