Musa Mseleku’s Reasons for wanting the 5th Wife keep on changing

Musa Mseleku keeps changing reasons why he wants a 5th .

Musa Mseleku keeps changing reasons why he wants a 5th .

At first, Musa Mseleku revealed that he wants to marry a 5th wife because he wants to have 20 children.

Currently, Musa has 10 children and it seems like he is working on getting to 20.

Some of Musa Mseleku’s wives age  cannot allow for them to give him more kids. The time that he mentioned it, he was talking about MaCele and MaYeni.

At the time, MaKhumalo and MaNgwabe still had a chance, but the problem with MaKhumalo is that she does not have children of her own.

In the previous seasons of Uthando Nesthembu, Musa Mseleku’s reason for wanting the 5th wife at first was that he wanted to grow the MaKhumalo household.

MaKhumalo does not have children with Musa, so Musa now wants to marry someone who has the Khumalo surname so that MaKhumalo’s name will not perish. Musa said by doing this, he is apparently protecting MaKhumalo’s name.

Uthando Nesthembu is now in the 6th season and Musa Mseleku has yet again changed his reasons why he wants to marry the 5th wife. On the recent episode of Uthando Nesthembu, we saw Musa Mseleku visiting Mr. Ngcamu who helped him get MaYeni to join his polygamy.

With Mr. Ngcamu, Musa spoke about the 5th wife as he still wants to go ahead and marry again. Mr. Ncamu asked Musa Mseleku what if the wife that he wants to marry does not give him children. Musa esponded by saying, “One thing number 5 has gone past wanting more children. Even if she does not give me children it does not matter, what matters is protecting the legacy”.

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It seems like this time around Musa wants to protect his legacy more than grow his household.