Musa Mseleku’s Crying Because He Can Not Marry Wife Number 5

In this new season of #Uthandonesthembu we are going to hear about wife number 5 who apparently is no longer in the picture, now there’s number 6 who’s taking the number 5 spot.

The viewers of #Uthandonesthembu still believe Musa Mseleku is crying because his wives are not allowing him to take a 5th wife. Musa Mseleku has become the first man to cry real tears on national tv only because he’s refused to cheat legally.


Musa Mseleku was seen crying two times after telling his wives that he’s seeing another woman. Mzansi have noticed that Musa Mseleku is so manipulative, and he has mastered the art of playing with his wives’ feelings. Musa has mastered the art of manipulation even the wives don’t care anymore as long as he supports the financially it’s fine. Makhumalo is right about him playing chess and mind games.

It’s pity that MaCele had to endure the pain being caused by Musa Mseleku. MaCele somehow see the future of this family more than Mseleku himself. He breaks and she fix all the time. She also does not want the wife number five and she does not want the other wives to leave.

Makhumalo and Mangwabe are seen laughing at him as he cries, further saying that Musa loves playing mind games, but this time he will not win

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