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Musa Mseleku Refused To Be Defeated By His Wife’s In #UthandoNesthembu | After he was seen crying in national tv

Musa Mseleku has left his fans off gut after he was seen crying in national tv. Musa Mseleku went to MaCele who is his first wife to chat about the number five matter.

From the previous episode Musa lead his wife’s that his going to take a woman who is from the Khumalo’s family

MaCele was happy to hear Musa saying that his not going to take any or add any wife. MaCele were left in shocked, angry and frustrated after Musa said that there is another woman that he is seeing.

Apparently Musa Mseleku does not want to take number 5, he is doing this because he want a power. Musa is forcing things, he is saying that it will go down in history that woman overpower him.


Apparently Musa Mseleku is known by his wife’s, that every time he talks about something he cry. Musa Mseleku was seen crying for the first because he felt Defeated that his wife’s does not want him to take wife number 5.

Musa said that he cannot be ruled by his wife’s. He said he does not want his wife to control him. Musa Mseleku still want to take another wife whether they agreed or not.

MaCele have tried to hide her feelings after Musa Left, but she lost it as she fail to contain her feelings. MaCele was seen crying after realizing that Musa is now telling her different story and he want her to stand with him at the meeting he was going to call.

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Musa told MaCele as the first person because he wanted her support. He even told her not to say anything at the meeting.

Musa have informed his wife’s that his seeing someone but he will not make her his wife. He said his not going to pay lobola to her but he want his wife’s to know that he have a girlfriend.