Mjekejeke From The Queen 1
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Mjekejeke From The Queen With His Wife In Real Life

Mjekejeke is married to a beautiful wife in real life.

Mjekejeke From The Queen 1

Sipho Manzini is a South African character actor who is currently playing as Mjeks Mjekejeke From The Queen drama on channel 161 Msanzi Wethu and 163 and Msanzi Magic.

Mjekejeke From The Queen 1

He is playing while being a husband of Petronella and he is working at the Khoza trucking company and is on of the loyal employee.

Petronella is a real wife of Mjekejeke, they are just husband and wife only in acting on The Queen. He have his beautiful wife and her name is Nhlanhla Manzini.

Nhlanhla and Mjeks they have many years being married and they are blessed with have two boys, Nhlosenhle and Lindokuhle.

When they got married they had a ceremony wedding which was taking place at his house, and they were wearing a cultural clothes.

Have a look at pictures of the couple

You can manage to see from these pictures that they are a happy couple and his wife is wearing a diamond ring that shows is a fancy one.

As for this year Mjekejeke net worth has been estimated to be $150 000.

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