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Meet And See Idols SA top 3 for season 18

Idols SA announced its top 3 finalists at the Heartfelt Arena in its latest episode, heralding a phase that is e

Idols SA announced its top 3 finalists at the Heartfelt Arena in its latest episode, heralding a phase that is expected to be more challenging for the contestants. As usual, the lights were dimmed, the votes were already in, and the top three contestants are:

Sadly 21, year-old Ty Loner from Eldorado park Gauteng kissed goodbye to the show after failing to secure enough votes to qualify for the top 3.

In the latest episode of Idols SA, the contestants performed three songs. The songs were the following themes ‘Divas and Divos’, ‘My Audition Song‘ and ‘Judges Choice‘. All three contestants understood the assignment and delivered their best. Here is a closer look at the Top 3 of last night’s perfomances.

Idols SA star Nozi: Image source @Instagram
She has a unique way of bringing fantasy to the stage due to her melodica nf angelic voice. Since she joined Idols SA, she has been showing Mzansi flames, proving that she can be the next winner of Idols SA. This Sunday, she also mopped the floor with her excellent perfomances. She performed the same song in her first evening performance, which earned her a golden ticket during the auditions. She performed ‘Best Part’ by Daniel Caesar and HER.
The judges loved her staging and gave her positive comments. The Woooh Shameee judge Somizi commented:

You sounded like you were at your own concert

For her second staging for the evening, Nozi tackled ‘Try A Little Tenderness‘ by Aretha Franklin, and she killed her performance. Nozi‘s second performance moved the judges making Somizi and Thembi Seete give her a standing offering.

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For her third performance, Nozi rose for the judges’ choice by performing ‘Rise Up‘ by Andra Day. She nailed the song to perfection, and Somizi commented:

You have done enough. Everything after this is in the hands of South Africa. Somgaga thinks that Nozi has proven that she has the voice and was impressed that she has been growing her vocals since joining the show.

Idols star Mpilwenhle Mokopu
Idols star Mpilwenhle Mokopu: Image source @Instagram
For her first performance of the evening, Mpilwenhle staged the song that got her a golden ticket during the auditions. She performed ‘Ke Mo Afrika‘ by Maleh and killed the song like the song was written for her. Sis Tay commented:

You are a genius when it comes to music!

For her second evening performance, she sang ‘Angel of Mine‘ by Monica and hoped her fans would be angels and send her some votes.

Thapelo, for his first performance, Thapelo got a second chance to stage his audition song ‘Esphambanweni’ by Kelly Khumalo. He brought fantasy to the music and nailed the song to perfection.

‘your voice is going to move people. It’s going to move nations. JR Bogopa said after Thapelo’s performances moved him.

For his final performance, he proved that he was the master of his craft. Thapelo performed ‘Amazing’ by Luther Vandross, and he did wonders on the song leaving JR stunned by how he could do almost every song perfectly.