Remote control sex toys are now giving a new meaning to good sex

Remote control sex toys are now considered as one of the fastest-growing categories in the sex industry. Read more about it here.

Remote control sex toys are now considered as one of the fastest-growing categories in the sex industry. They are known as Teledildonics. Sex toys hit on a lot of fantasy elements and they can be used in public without anyone knowing. Some women use them to masturbate and feed their sexual desire.

Vibrators can be used to change your moods and intensity when you want. These remote controls toys give you power and control of everything at that moment. They are powerful and quiet.

There are remote sex controls that can hit the G-spot for women and make them reach their peak. There are some men who cannot hit the G-spot, that’s why sex toys are one of the best if you’re looking for this type of pleasure. Others use sex toys because they are not satisfied with their partners and some don’t have partners.

The remote control is more powerful and shaped in different sizes. During this pandemic and with social distancing, women have tried to spice things up and feed their sexual cravings on their own as their partners are miles away. There are different kinds of remote control sex toys that are considered the best.


Here are 7 kinds of remote controls and how they work.


⦁ Elva Remote Control Vibration Bullet
This vibrator bullet is lightweight, it is great on the go and it includes five patterns and five intensity modes. The vibrator is perfect for couples.


⦁ Satisfyer partner plus remote
This is meant to be used during P-in-V sex: slip one end into the vagina to stimulate the G-spot and penis, while the other stimulates the clit.

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⦁ YTOY wearable panty vibrator with wireless remote control
You put this in your underwear for few minutes and it is fun and quiet.


⦁ We-Vibe Unite
This unite makes your partner play hotter than ever and stimulates the G-spot


⦁ CalExoticics Silicone Remote Rechargeable Curve Vibe
This toy fits perfectly in your body and hits all the right places, it also barely makes a sound and is quite powerful.


⦁ Pipedream Fantasy for her G-spot stimulate-Her vibe in purple
This toy stimulates the G-spot while also providing some anal action.


⦁ We-vibe Moxie
You slip this clitoral vibe into your panties and let your partner control it with an app, it can be across the room or across the country.


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