Miss Teen SA Finalists

The journey continues with Pageants SA and the Miss Teen SA finalists have been announced, get to know them and the reason why they joined Miss Teen SA…

The journey continues with Pageants SA and the Miss Teen SA finalists have been announced, get to know them and the reason why they joined Miss Teen SA.


Amile Gumede, 15, KZN

“I joined Miss Teen south Africa because i want to Stand up for young girls and women of south Africa. Young girls and women are very undermined and seen as Less than men. So I am in a mission to change the rules made by society and change the mindset of that girls should be at home or that they cant do certain things because it is believed that its for men or its something that  Women cant do. Also coming out from being bullied i want to win Miss Teen South Africa to show girls how strong they are and that women are powerful . As a young girl i want to teach young girls of leadership and confident, I want them to be driven in life and them to know that they can achieve anything they put their minds into by just dreaming and working hard. You CAN ACHIEVE YOU PUT YOUR MIND INTO”.

“Miss teen SA will help me to be able to make a good impact in my local communities, to help families in poverty and inspire young girls to reach for the stars even though they are coming from a poor background”.

“As an advocate for Gender equality, Mental health and bullying. I Have started with Visiting a creche in my community, donated clothes and bought snacks for children”.

She and her friends have been cleaning dirty roads, she is also doing motivational videos to motivate young girls during this time of corona, and to keep them positive and for them to be healthy mentally. And planning to go visit local schools in my area to talk about bullying.

To vote for Amile SMS TSA401 to 47018 or visit Pageants SA website Pageants SA



Nikiwe Nkonyani, 15, Limpopo

” I entered Miss Teen South Africa as I believe I have the capabilities to and achieve the title as a dreamwalker with many qualities that the title grabs attention for greater causes helping me get closer on my journey of entering Miss SA”.

Nikiwe is currently organizing a pageant in a local community with a group of girls to be able to educate girls of how the standards of pageantry have changed and should enjoy themselves and be unapologetic about themselves.

To vote for Nikiwe sms TSA315 to 47018
Or visit Pageants SA website Pageants SA


Sanelisiwe Gamede,16  Mpumalanga

“I jonied Miss teen South Africa because i want to encourage the youth of South Africa to own their space , and having a believe that nothing is impossible until they make it”.

Due to the hardships girls go through because of not having money to buy sanitary towels when they see their period, Sanelisiwe has taken upon herself to ask for Donations from people around her area, so as to give to the unfortunate young women.

To vote for Sanelisiwe Sms TSA441 to 47018

Or visit Pageants SA website Pageants SA


Pfukani Baloyi, 15, Gauteng

“I joined miss Teen South Africa 2021 because it is a great platform where I would love to leave a mark of greatness and Take Up Space. I would love to inspire to aspire them to reach for their own dreams. With the support and love I receive from my family I am able to do something I love passionately . I would love to make a difference in my community on a greater platform as Miss Teen South”

Pfukani is currently not volunteering but has donated stationery for the Mozambique Outreach under Pageants SA. And does something nice for someone everyday just to see them smile.

To vote for Pfukani sms TSA437 to 47018.

Or visit Pageants SA website Pageants SA


Meso Phaahla , 15 , Limpopo

“I joined Miss Teen SA 2021 because this was always my dream since i was a kid , and I believed that nothing can push me from following my dreams, I don’t just wanna be a model only , I want to be TEENAGER ADVICER why ? Because i wanna advice every teenager like LUFUNO who thought killing themselves bring peace , we have to bring and build leaders back and i am the next coming leader to change & fix broken classes of my planet , my own country . others think that they are failors when not looking like the others , big NO !✋🏻 we aren’t failors it’s just that mistakes happen ovet us and that’s why i never accepted the fact that i am a failor ,because leaders never fail ✊🏼”.

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“I can’t do nothing for them because they’re doing for themselves but what i promise through them we are falling why? Because we don’t trust each other but i know how to put hope on them , i will give my community kids some diaries to cope and write what makes them to feel sad and ferl like they don’t deserve but only that i will donate some goods to them because not all can afford”, Meso stated when asked what she does for her Communiy.

To vote for Meso sms TSA476 to 47018
Or visit Pageants SA website Pageants SA


Iyana Mquqo, 11, Eastern Cape .

“I think that I deserve to win because I believe in myself and I intend to embrace my talent. I intend to conquer my career as a Model and I plan to use my title as a Miss Teen South Africa Finalist 2021 to provide for the poor as I believe that we should be the change we want to see in the world”

To vote for Iyana sms TSA103 to 47018 or visit Pageants SA website Pageants SA


Suhanè Bosch 20, Gauteng


“Miss Teen SA is more than just a beauty Pageant, when doing a beauty contest, the phrase ‘beauty with purpose’ comes to mind and that is why I joined Miss Teen SA”.

Suhanè is helping ‘The rock place of safety’, with a project named the winter drive, which is all about helping the unfortunate by making boxes filled with winter clothes and toys she made.

To vote for Suhanè sms TSA826 to 47018
Or visit Pageants SA website www.pageants.co.za


Anthea Amber Isaacs, 20, Western Cape

“I entered Miss Teen SA because firstly it gives you many opportunities , such as build self confidence .There are so many things you learn not only about yourself, but also about communication skills, leadership, interviews and poise. Pageantry is a doorway for those who want to be on stage, give back, and of course learn more about themselves. Something someone once told me is that ‘you define the crown, the crown does not define you’, meaning you make the crown, so do something good, amazing, and make a difference and that is why I entered Miss Teen SA”.

Amber is teaching young girls in her community to spiritual dance on Fridays, she also mentioned that she helps at a soup kitchen when she has time.

To vote for Amber sms TSA801 to 47018
Or visit Pageants SA website www.pageants.co.za


Withley Donnelle Smith, 20, Gauteng

“I joined Miss Teen SA to uplift young girls, I also joined to use the platform as a stepping stone to moving mountains in my community”.

Withley mentioned that she is working hand in hand with her ward first lady in feeding people in squatter camps and also working with dignity drive where they provide young girls with sanitary pads.

To vote for Withley sms TSA830 to 47018
Or visit Pageants SA website www.pageants.co.za


Nomthandazo Zuma, 20, KZN

“I joined Miss Teen SA because I want to inspire many young girls, that if I can do it they can also. I want to be a role model to the younger generation, however my primary reason is to develop and boost my self esteem and to use the platform to start an initiative for what I am passionate about which is supporting children with cancer”.

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At this point Nomthandazo is not doing any voluntary work, but she has taken upon herself to be a law abiding citizen, by recycling, using water wisely and supporting local businesses.

To vote for Nomthandazo sms TSA817 to 47018
Or visit Pageants SA website www.pageants.co.za


Rezelda  Nenzhelele, 20, North West

“I joined Miss Teen SA because I saw an opportunity that is given to young girls to grow into independent young women. I also joined because I sure know that I can bring about massive change in my community”.

Rezelda is a youth activist, an active member of the ANCYL. She is also the founder of Dakalo Lavhuthu Organization which is all about providing sanitary pads, sandwiches, school socks, helping primary school children with homework and also providing children with counseling.

To vote for Rezelda sms TSA822 to 47018
Or visit Pageants SA website www.pageants.co.za


Zounica Van Der Merve, 19, Western Cape

“I joined Miss Teen SA to show girls that you can be in sports and still show your beauty, and also for girls to have a role model to look up too”.

She is part of the national tug of war team, also helps children who are starting out with the amazing sport to flourish. That’s not all, Zounica is also a math tutor, she helps those who are less fortunate.

To vote for Zounica sms TSA834 to 47018
Or visit Pageants SA website www.pageants.co.za


Onndwela Makananise, 20, Limpopo

“I joined Miss Teen SA because I wanted a platform where I could talk about my experiences with mental health and gender based violence. I wanted to put myself out to the world in order to prove to young men and women that your childhood trauma does not have to define who you are and how you live”.

Ondwela mentioned that she has many ideas for her community and achieving them will be a great deal.

To vote for Ondwela sms TSA819 to 47018 or  visit Pageants SA website www.pageants.co.za


Otshepegile Mogorosi 20 North West

“I joined miss Teen South Africa to embrace the woman power in me! to show the world that black child anything is possible and you can, to encourage those who are taking my footsteps to believe in themselves”.

she mentioned that she is part of an agency called Ethnocentric community project which focuses on giving back to communities

She has also donated her old clothes to those in need in her community, provided food parcels for those kids in the street(some coming from her community) “by God’s grace I was able to take some home and they were able to reconcile with their families”, she said

“I spoke at the radio station to motivate the young Upcoming generation, Bosasa (small Prison for the small ones and rehab) to give some motivation of not giving up and following your passion, I am still Persuing my wish which is to help a girl child with pads especially in my community”, she added

To vote for Otshepegile SMS TSA820 to 47018
Or visit Pageants SA website www.pageants.co.za


Tisetso Tladi, 20 years old, Gauteng

“Joining the Miss Teen SA competition was not about just about winning the competition but most importantly to get my face and name out there. Being a part of such a big competition is a great honour for me, wearing the sash around is bringing me so much life particularly when it comes to doing something to help the less fortunate and everyone else in my community .Miss Teen SA is getting my face and name out there!”.

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She mentioned that she participates in voluntarily programmes such as teaching children from her church the word of God ,guiding them on how to grow into better people and just doing fun activities with them .

“I visit a hospice (Universal Hospice) in Sharpeville voluntarily, on the 10th I went there to have a little birthday celebration with them by giving them soup and bread in the morning since it’s winter and the patients need warmth”, she said

And that’s not all, With the help from her father she cleans the streets near her home every Saturday to maintain a safe and clean environment.

“I am hosting an event for girls at church on the 17th of July 2021 ‘Empowerment girls party’, just to gather together, grow one another , learn how to live with each other , learn about Ubuntu and how important it is in a community and to also give them sanitary towels, snacks and masks to prevent getting infected with Covid-19”, she added.

To vote for Tisetso sms TSA828 to 47018
Or visit Pageants SA website www.pageants.co.za


Amanda Marry Mathunjwa, 19, Mpumalanga

“I joined Miss Teen SA because I want to teach young girls and women to be independent and not to depends on a man, I got ideas that can help this government of ours so tht men and women can receive equal rights and opportunity”.

Amanda was volunteering at Tentele disable school n also at Faith creche helping in the garden

To vote for Amanda sms TSA842 to 47018
Or visit Pageants SA website www.pageants.co.za


Makungo Fhumulani, 20, LIMPOPO

“I entered Miss Teen South Africa because it is one of the most biggest pageant which concentrate on teenagers, which has the platform I need to use to be able to help out teenagers that have suffered or that are suffering with low self-esteem, self acceptance which include body ,shape and also their skin color like me. I saw that this matter need to be addressed as we lose teenager almost daily to suicide, as they feel like they are not enough and that nobody will understand them. So I know I that if I win I will not only help my province but every procince”.

She has visited her previous high school to educate learners about modeling and the importance of pageantry. She also donated sanitary towels at her previous primary school and is also planning to go to Pre Junior school to spend time with the children

To vote for Makungo sms TSA837 to 47018
Or visit Pageants SA website www.pageants.co.za


Goitsemodimo Innocentia Molefe, 19, North West

“I joined Miss Teen SA because I believe it is a great campaign that helps builds ones character and opens alot of powerful doors to help me make a positive impact in other lives”.

“We have a community project called WINDSOR COMMUNITY CLEANING ASSOCIATION (W.C.C.A) where we clean our community, surrounding communities and jourg as a whole. We do this ever Saturday’s. And I have more campaigns that I will be doing soon”, she added

To vote for Goitsemodimo sms TSA808 to 47018
Or visit Pageants SA website www.pageants.co.za


Yeshica Persad, 20, Gauteng.

“I joined Miss Teen SA to better my modelling experience in order to build up to Miss South Africa as previously I am Miss Pretoria West 2nd Princess ”

She has her own NPO called the ‘making a change foundation’. “I handle women’s health, the communtiy and animals. Therefore I do pads collections, clothes collections, feeding schemes, dog and cat food collections, talks on mental health and life after school”, she added

To vote for Yeshica SMS TSA831to 47018
Or visit Pageants SA website www.pageants.co.za

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