Khwezi has a plan to get Pretty out of Lehasa’s House

Khwezi has the plan to get Pretty out of Lehasa’s House Khwezi was fine with Lehasa dating Pretty in light of the fact that she realized that Pretty was not a danger for her. Yet, now that there is one more lady in Lehasa’s life, she is stressed. She considers Nothile to be rivalry. She…

Given that Khwezi was aware that Pretty was not a threat to her, she was okay with Lehasa dating Pretty. Lehasa is anxious now that she has a new woman in her life. She sees Nothile as competition. She discovered that Nothile was still in contact with Lehasa, and she is interested in learning whether or not they are dating.

She opted to visit the recreation center. She found Nothile’s closest friend when she arrived at the fitness center. She was friendly with her, but Nothile’s companion enquired about her needs. Despite Euphoria’s preference to withhold information from her, Khwezi went concentrated and learned something about Nothile’s whereabouts.

Khwezi was informed to ask Lehasa any questions she might have and to leave Nothile alone if she did. Khwezi was perplexed because she preferred to be in command of everything and could live without being ignorant.

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