Inno Morolong Responds To Reports Of Stabbing Club Host

Innocentia Morolong, known as Inno, has responded to reports accusing her of causing bodily harm to a club host, Olwethu Magudumana. The incident allegedly occurred at Maracana Club in Sandton. Inno Morolong allegedly stabs Olwethu Magudumana with bottle in head Olwethu recounted the incident, stating that she was not involved in a fight with Inno but rather witnessed her shouting at people she was with over a disputed bill.

“I did not fight with her, she attacked me. I was at my table with my friends and I saw Innocentia shouting at the people she was with, the fight was about a bill she did not want to pay. I went closer because I wanted to see and properly hear what was happening and she jumped at me with a bottle, accusing me [of] filming her,” said Magudumana.

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