House of Zwide actor Nkosi “Wanda Zuma” prepares Baby Busi before a scene. Watch:Video

House of Zwide actor Nkosi “Wanda Zuma” shows how he prepares Baby Busi before a scene.

House of Zwide actor Nkosi “Wanda Zuma” shows how he prepares Baby Busi before a scene.

He decided to reassure viewers by demonstrating how they prepared the show’s youngest character, baby Busi on Tik Tok. Baby Busi’s father, played by Wanda Blaq Zuma, revealed to fans how he gets the child ready for the shoot so that she won’t be upset the entire time.

Since he plays Nkosi on the show, his job entails more than just showing up, taking the baby, and performing his lines because it is well-known that Baby Busi is not Wanda Blaq’s child. So he has to quickly take Baby Busi away from his mother with the most outstanding care and smile to make her feel at ease. But he must do it tenderly, lovingly, and carefully.

Wanda Zuma

Then, for at least an hour before their scene, he has to play with her and hold her to ensure that he is comfortable with her and that she gets used to his face in the interim so that she won’t start crying for her mother as soon as she sees too many faces and the camera starts rolling.

Baby Busi appears to be growing accustomed to his face in the video as Wanda tries to make the infant as comfortable as possible.

House of Zwide actor Nkosi “Wanda Zuma” shows how he prepares Baby Busi before a scene

Fans couldn’t stop complimenting how naturally the relationship between their beloved Nkosi and baby Busi came across and how easily one could mistake the two for birth father and daughter if they didn’t know any better. Since the show’s inception, Wanda Zuma has played Nkosi Zwide in House of Zwide. An ex-ladies man named Nkosi fell in love with a township girl. He tries hard to make things work with Shoki, but it never seems to work out.

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The character’s actor, Wanda Zuma, is the exact opposite in real life. His most well-known character is Nkosi, who struggles in relationships as Mampho becomes pregnant due to their one-night stand. Nkosi experienced relationship issues because his family wanted the cunning and sneaky Mampho to be a part of their lives until she gave birth.

Blaq is a stage name for Wanda Zuma, and he was born in September 1991. He is 30 years old right now, but he has already made a significant impact on South Africa’s entertainment scene.

His impressive small-screen acting career is one that most people are familiar with. To start his acting career, he appeared as a guest star on Uzalo and E’hostela. He is well-known to Isibaya viewers for playing Detective Mthaka Mngomezulu in the show’s final season.

He played the part of Mthuzi in Imbewu The Seed in 2019, giving him a more significant role. Nkosi Zwide is his first lead role as an actor, although he has played numerous roles.