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Flvme talks about how Emtee beef and Reece prompt him!

Over the course of the last few years, it’s been made clear that FLVME, FLVME Fuego, La FLVME, is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.
Although it wasn’t as easy as it may look, but Flvme’s journey in the music industry hasn’t always been easy.

The multiple award winning rapper reminds us in his interview with The Sobering podcast that “these positions were hard earned”. Following his humble beginnings as a rapper on the streets of his hometown Katlehong, he became part of Ambitiouz Entertainment in 2016 but parted ways in 2017.

We know, you are probably thinking ”not another sobbing story of Ambitiouz”, but for some reason, Flvme spoke positively about the record label!
During the interview, tghe rapper is asked about why he chose Ambitiouz over other record labels, and his answer was quite phenomenal to say the least.
”I actually joined the labe coz of Reece (laughs), that’s the only reason I wanted to join Ambitiouz. I never wanted to sign under any label really, until I heard Reece on radio on a Sunday and they had just dropped ‘Couldn’t’ and i was like damn that n*gga 18 and he’s going this hard. He was like my biggest inspiration at the time to join the label” said Flvme.

Flvme also opened up about having to sleep in the studio during his dark days and how Sjava pulled through for him as a supportive brother in music.
What caught our attention the most during the interview is the part where Flvme opened up about his beef with Emtee. He narrated what happened for the two rappers to come to terms with each other and stated that he decided to be the bigger person in the whole situation in a bid to tranquillize the situation with Emtee.

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“In 2020 he went off at me again, and I decided to let me be the bigger guy in this situation, I’m not gonna go on social media and tweet this n*gga back it’s stupid,” he said. “I called this n*gga, yo my G why the f*ck are you going off at me because I don’t know why we are beefing in the first place, like why are we doing this sh*t?”
Emtee and Flvme’s beef escalated when Flvme claimed he was the best at hooks and could create a better hit than Emtee. Flame continued to drag Emtee publicly, and a public back-and-forth ensued between the two in the form of diss tracks.
The situation between the two rappers escalated out of control on social media until they met and sort things out face to face. “It just became a situation that was out of control until we linked up, you know he was man enough to pop on me and apologized about that sh*t and we’re good now,” he said.