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DJ Zinhle under fire for marrying a Ben10

After marrying a younger man DJ Zinhle under fire

Africa’s #1 feminine DJ, DJ Zinhle is being referred as being domineering to her man moreover as her circle of friends.


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This comes after a tweep took to Twitter to call and shame the popular DJ for dating a younger man whereas claiming that her wedding to Murdah Bongz won’t last.

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Two days ago  DJ Zinhle was praised for being a role model. However, things have taken a special flip whereas she is being labeled as domineering to her man, Murdah Bongz.

The tweep took to Twitter to disapprove at DJ Zinhle for being married to a far younger man than her.

The tweep continuing to assert that DJ Zinhle and Murdah Bongz wedding won’t last for long, whereas inserting that DJ Zinhle offer ‘bad vibes’ as an individual.

Evidently, different tweeps weren’t jumping for joy whereas DJ Zinhle was being cleft and her relationship and wedding being scrutinized.


DJ Zinhle’s fans didn’t mince their words to her defense whereas vocation the troll out for seeking attention at DJ Zinhle’s expense.

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These are the comments

The girl is doing just fine ,she is married, loved but mostly her business is booming. Also remember if they didn’t love her she wouldn’t be having so loving friends around her..The love her for who she is Babes relax 🙄
— Sbabatso@Njoms (@SbabatsoNjoms1) October 12, 2022


I practice this and find that it works for me. If I am going to point out something negative about someone or something, I also have to find one positive thing to say within that sentence. I checked your statement and found it wanting. In fact, the message is just gloomy!

— Margaret Ndawonde (@Marge302) October 12, 2022


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Known for her clap backs and defensive on Twitter, DJ Zinhle didn’t dignify being referred to as domineering and dominant with a response.

DJ Zinhle and ‘baby daddy’ Murdah Bongz tied the knot 2

DJ Zinhle and Murdah Bongz-Image Source(Instagram/Murdah Bongz)

Some tweeps even have it that DJ Zinhle give ‘bad vibes’ as a person. From a role model to an abuser, it seems like Mzansi doesn’t have sides. She is being labelled as bossy to her man, Murdah Bongz.

“DJ Zinhle is very bossy to her man and her friends, and she always wants to be the one. Even this marriage won’t last. Old woman doing young boys, and she’s got bad vibes.”

In the mix of things, DJ Zinhle has remained mum. The two recently tied the knot and even have a child together. Despite all being said, they have been serving more than goals that have wowed Mzansi.

However, this is not the first time Mzansi has called out DJ Zinhle. A few months ago, she was blasted on Twitter after she was accused of being the reason behind Murdah Bongz dumping Black Motion.

DJ Zinhle and ‘baby daddy’ Murdah Bongz tied the knot 2

DJ Zinhle and Murdah Bongz-Image Source(Instagram/DJ Zinhle)

Rumour mill has it that Zinhle influenced him to call it quits. In the mix of things, Mzansi has been trying to connect the dots about their age difference. Just like with AKA, Zinhle is pretty much older than Murdah Bongz. Zinhle was born on 30 December 1983 in Dannhauser, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

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As of 2022, she is 39 years old. Of interest is the fact that Zinhle is four years older, just like on, AKA, who she called quits with back then in 2020. Murdah Bongz was born on 9 June 1987.

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