Shoki now a musician dropped her music video
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Shoki now a musician dropped her music video – Watch

Born on 27 July 2000, Kgabang Shalate Sekhabi—more commonly known by her stage name, Shoki—is a South African actress and musician.

‘Shoki from #HouseOfZwide has transitioned into a new role as a musician, showcasing her versatility and talent beyond acting. Recently, she released her debut music video, marking a significant milestone in her career.

Shalate Sekhabi: Shoki from House of Zwide is set to release her first  single - YouTube


The music video not only highlights her vocal abilities but also her creativity and artistic expression.

Born on 27 July 2000, Kgabang Shalate Sekhabi—more commonly known by her stage name, Shoki—is a South African actress and musician.

Actress Kgabang Shalate Sekhabi graduates with a BA degree | Fakaza News


The now singer and songwriter Shoki has released a groundbreaking new EP, titled “Debut”.

This new venture allows Shoki to connect with her fans on a deeper level and explore a different form of storytelling through music. With this exciting new chapter, Shoki is poised to make a name for herself in the music industry and further solidify her status as a multi-talented artist.’

Shalate Sekhabi biography AKA Shoki from House of Zwide.

This EP is a seven-track set, bringing together a blend of African-inspired sounds, Afro-indebted beats, and cutting-edge production. Shoki is pushing boundaries with her unique sound, combining various genres such as soul, RnB, hip-hop and afrobeat. Her lyrics are bold and empowering, reflecting her own personal attitude and experiences.

The lead single off the EP, “Long Ride” is a cinematic track that has already become a fan favourite. Accompanied by a powerful visual, the music video takes viewers on a journey of a woman struggling with identity. The music video has already gained a buzz online in the past few weeks and it’s no surprise that it’s already hit one million views.

Who is Shalate Sekhabi? Age, boyfriend, salary, songs, images, profiles -

Shoki has slowly but firmly carved a place for herself in the industry and is gaining more and more recognition for her unique style. In a recent interview, she said, “I’m so excited to finally have the EP out and for everyone to get to hear and experience the music I’ve worked on with so much passion over the last few years. I’m ready to bring more soulful music to the world and show what I’m capable of”.

Shoki’s debut EP is now available for streaming, and don’t forget to watch the music video for Long Ride. Be sure to get your hands on a copy and prepare to be stunned by this rising star.

Shoki started her acting at a very young age. She bragged her first role at the age of 14. She also portrayed another role as Millicent on the river before joining House of zwide where she is still portraying.

Shoki is Onalerona’s best friend on House of Zwide and also she is recently married to Nkosi Zwide. She is currently living in hell as Mampho is working with her husband everyday.

Shalate Sekhabi - MLASA



A lot is troubling her at this moment. People are not telling her their secrets including her husband Nkosi and her best friend Onalerona. Nkosi k!lled Alex Khadzi and he has been acting strange but he kept hiding it from Shoki.

Most people know Shalate Sekhabi as an actress . Shalate Sekhabi is also a musician who actually produces very good music. She recently dropped her debut ep and many people are enjoying it. Her music is available on YouTube, Spotify and other platforms.

Shalate Sekhabi - MLASA

Many fans are congratulating her on her debut ep. Here are some comments from her Instagram video.

Congratulations ma❤️ you are literally soo pretty, hope h continue to work hard and inspire us young individuals i love you and your journey doesn’t end here

Congratulations on ur debut ep looking forward to more good music

I think im the most happiest person on earth, i can’t hold to this surprise alone and will never stop appreciating you for doing your good and honest work do ne

Congratulations on behalf on song, where tp download it

Watch her video here

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