Ayanda Mandy Hlongwane SK Khoza’s wife

SK Khoza’s wife is said to be Michelle Selekane. The actor has recently made headlines for the wrong reasons because of his affairs.

SK Khoza’s wife is said to be Michelle Selekane. The actor has recently made headlines for the wrong reasons because of his affairs.

He has four children with different baby mamas, which include the controversial Sangoma Gogo Maweni. Rumour mill has it that they even have a child together. Let’s try to connect the dots about his wife and failed relationships.

SK Khoza shows off new alleged wife

SK Khoza’s Wife

Their alleged affair with Michelle Selekane surfaced in May when their viral pictures were shared on social media. Controversial blogger Musa Khawula shared two different pictures of the two with their alleged child on Twitter. Several users also shared more pictures from the past of the two. Little is known about Michelle since she has kept herself under wraps.

Does SK and Michelle Selekane have a child together?

In the viral pictures, she was seen with SK whilst holding their child. Some pictures on social media showed their child with SKs mother and other family members. In one of the pictures SK shared on Instagram, he captioned it “Family over everything” whilst holding a newborn baby. South Africa was more than convinced that it was his child after his co-cast on The Queen, Connie Ferguson, gave a cryptic comment.

Are the two engaged or married?

SK Khoza

The comment left people convinced that he was the father of the child. The two have since shared pictures and cosy videos on social media whilst. Unlike his previous relationships and engagement, SK Khoza is yet to address if he is officially off the market or if wedding bells are on the way.

SK Khoza’s Relationship with Ayanda Mandy Hlongwane

After having a fallout with her then-actress girlfriend, Pabee Moganedi, in November 2020, he went on to date Ayanda Mandy Hlongwane. Ayanda is a Dentist and the owner of the popular AMNF Dental Surgery based in Johannesburg. The two started dating in 2020, and they served the couple’s goals.

SK Khoza Engagement and Wedding

The Queen actor SK Khoza with ex-fiancée Ayanda - Source: Instagram

No doubt, Mandy came very close to becoming SK Khoza’s wife before their affair turned south. In December 2020, SK Khoza went the extra mile when he proposed to Ayanda on Instagram live. They later moved in together with a wedding on the cards.

SK Khoza’s Break-up with Ayanda and Abuse Allegations

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There was trouble in paradise between the two. Ayanda Mandy Hlongwane pressed Gender-Based Abuse against SK Khoza. Khoza was even arrested, only to be released after several court cases. To make matters worse, the allegations pressed against him made The Queen producers fire him with immediate effect. His illustrious career was tarnished.

Children and Baby Mama Scandal

Although he is rumoured to be set to walk down the aisle, SK has three children from different baby mamas. Like his relationship scandals, he has had his fair share of drama with his baby mamas. He has two daughters and a son. Confirmed reports have it that he has two baby mamas despite other sources saying otherwise.

Morna Phatudi Children with SK Khoza

Little is known about when SK Khoza started dating the famous actress. However, their affair became public in 2016. Reports have it that the became public, but the two are rumoured to have started dating whilst she was still in school. SK Khoza’s first daughter was born on 4 November 2011 and named Ayanda. The two fondly call her Yaya. As of 2022, she is 11 years old.

SK Khoza Second Daughter controversy

SK Khoza’s second child has been controversial regarding who her mother is. Many thought she was a sister to his other child, who happened to be a son. But confirmed reports have it that Lele, born on 12 October 2014, is a sister to Ayanda.

Was Morna Phatudi wife to SK Khoza 

The two used to serve Mzansi with goals. At some point, they were said to be married, but no confirmed reports have been revealed by the two. However, their affair ended when cheating allegations rumours came into play.

Lee Ann Gogo Maweni Makopo – Gogo Maweni

Gogo Maweni

She is a controversial Sangoma and media influencer who seemingly came into the limelight because of her relationship with SK Khoza. Little is known about how and when they started dating. But the two have a son together who has seen them trending for the wrong reasons.

However, just like SK Khoza, Gogo Maweni has children from different fathers. He has two children from different baby fathers who are known, one of them being a celebrated footballer and SK Khoza. Reports have it that the other was fathered to a foreign-based business mogul in Europe.

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Gogo Maweni Bewitching SK Khoza

Gogo Maweni and her children

The bubbly Sangoma topped trends when it was allegedly reported that she bewitched SK Khoza. The rumours came after she shared an Instagram thread threatening to bewitch SK after failing to pay child support. A warrant of arrest was issued against him after he was taken to court over a similar case back in 2022.

SK Khoza Abuse Allegations

The celebrated actor has been embroiled in several abuse allegations. In 2022 he saw himself being cancelled after his then-fiancee Ayanda reported him to the police. He was nabbed and cahrged. In the mix of things, he saw himself being cancelled by The Queen, where he starred as Shaka Khoza.

Drug Abuse

In 2022 he hogged headlines when his viral videos whilst heavily drunk circulated on social media. More videos of him flooded, and Mzansi was convinced he was on drugs. On the other hand, many thought Gogo Maweni bewitched him. However, he refuted claims of being on drugs, but Gogo Maweni has it that she has a video of SK Khoza taking them.

Acting career

No doubt Sthembiso Khoza is a resident ‘bad boy’ both on and off-screen. He is a celebrated actor who has won it all when it comes to awards as far as drama series are concerned. His unmatched acting flair has seen him starring in several big-budget drama series, like The Queen. With his diva-ques behavior, he has become that star actor we all love to hate.

The Queen actor SK Khoza - Source: Instagram@skkhoza

His thrust into the limelight came in the backdrop of Goal Diggerz and Mzanzi Ride z gigs. Apart from that, he doubles as an MC and voice-over artist.

Since then, he has been winning big, from starring as SK Khoza on the Mzansi Magic drama series The Queen to nailing his raunchy character on the e.tv drama series The Black Door. He has the plug and the bling to thanks to his you only live once tendencies.

A nude House Party video leaked.

During the lockdown, he saw himself making headlines for the wrong reasons when his naked viral party went viral. Images and clips of an all-naked party hosted by SK Khoza saw him suspended by The Queen. He was even threatened with cancellation. In the mix of things, he took it to social media to apologize for his rouge behaviour.

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Leaked Bedroom Moments and Public Fights

In the wake of his fallout with The Queen, he became jobless. His woes and destructive boy tendencies saw his bedroom moments being leaked to the public. However, this came after a series of lousy behaviour scandals.

At some point, he was reportedly abusing drugs after videos of assaulting people in public flooded social media. In the first video, he was at a local resort and was seen swearing and threatening to take down one of the managers. In the other incident, he was spotted whilst swearing again in public and acting violently.

OnlyFans Account

In 2022 amid his woes, SK Khoza opened any OnlyFans account. However, taking to social media, he edges his fans to join and subscribe to his account for adult content. The considerable following and content are said to be behind him joining the adult drama series The Black Door.

Relationship with Abdul Khoza and Natasha Thahane

Khoza brothers Abdul and SK - Source: Instagram

Of interest is the fact that he happens to be the brother of Natasha Thahane. The two even wowed Mzansi when they starred alongside The Queen. The Wife actor Abdul Khoza also happens to be the younger brother of SK Khoza. Just like with Natasha, SK stars with Abdul in Kings Of Jo’Burg, a Netflix drama series produced by Ferguson Films.

SK Khoza Spiritual Journey 

During his interview after his woes, SK revealed that he was now taking hid of his spiritual call.

“The spiritual journey that I am currently on is one of the things that every African person must take in life. I love that I did not back down through it all as it is my life, and I’m loving the new journey I’m on.”

SK Khoza Filmography

  • aYeYe – as Neo
  • Bounce – as Host
  • Housekeepers – as Sydney Ngubane
  • iNkaba – as DJ Teeman
  • Isibaya – as Thabiso
  • Mzansi Love – as Sihle
  • Mzanzi Ridez – as Host
  • The Channel O Africa Music Video Awards – as a Presenter (Himself)
  • The Kingdom – as Madoda
  • The Queen – as Shaka Khoza
  • The Road – as Bandile / Styles
  • V-Entertainment – as Field Presenter