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Amapiano star Musa Keys’ performance at Idols SA

Man of the moment, Musa Keys stole the show Idols SA last night with his phenomenal live performance.

Man of the moment, Musa Keys stole the show Idols SA last night with his phenomenal live performance.

He was invited as a guest artist and ensured fans got what he signed up for. He is a superstar, and his performance on Idols SA is a testament to that.

Watch video below:

Musa Keys and her team did wonders on the stage as they were performing, and after his energetic staging on Idols SA, he was topping the trends on Twitter. The 21 years old Amapiano star rocked the stage like he was born for it leaving Mzansi convinced he is the next big thing in the country.

Musa Keys

Musa staged his song, which was once performed by an Idols SA contestant Ty Loner, and showed his audience how it’s done. He proved that he was the master of his crafts and wore an expensive red outfit to glorify his staging. He performed his hit song Selema (Po Po), and extraordinary dancers complemented his execution.

After his magnificent performance, his audience gave him a standing offering as they shouted:

Musa, we wanna party

He ignited the partying and festive mood in the audience and departed from the stage, leaving everyone craving for more. Even the judges were moved by his phenomenal performance, and Mzansi hopes he will give them another concert in the finals next week.

A sneak peek at Idols SA’s top 2

Well, the competition is ending, and Mzansi has voted for their top two finalists. This Sunday, the top two were announced, and unfortunately, 24-year-old Mpilwenhle Mokopu kissed goodbye to the show as she could not secure enough votes to be in the top two. The judges were saddened by her departure as she was one of the most potent contestants with angelic voices.

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Before being evicted from the competition, Mpilwenhle dropped the Idols SA premiere of her brand new song ‘Ngiyazifela’. She staged her piece like a professional singer, and the judges were moved by her execution and certified her supper star.

Contestants who qualified for the top two are:


Idols SA star Nozi: Image source @Instagram


Thapelo: Image source @Instagram

The competition is becoming more challenging as the two stars are outstanding stars with unique voices. Thapelo has gained a legion of fans, and on the other hand, Nozi was also applauded by American singer Jennifer Hudson after she nailed her song ‘Giving Myself.’