Actress Nomvelo Makhanya Speaks Out On The Rumours That She Left The Show Because of Her Boyfriend

Last night was the end of the character of Lindiwe Maseko on Etv Scandal. A lot of us were hurt of her departure, as we have literally watched her character grow right in front of us. While we struggle to hold back the tears as we watch her die on screen, we definitely celebrate how…

On the television show Scandal, Lindiwe Maseko’s story came to a close. Many of us were disappointed by her leaving because we truly saw her character develop in front of our very eyes. While we battle to contain our tears as we watch her pass away on TV, we undoubtedly applaud her talent as a performer.

There have been rumours on the reason she left. Many people took to social media to make up stories about the real reason Lindiwe left. One of the reasons that caught our eye, was that she left because her boyfriend was not comfortable watching her having intimate roles with her on-screen husband.

Nomvelo Makhanya, who played Lindiwe, was not happy about these rumours, and decided to set the record straight. She responded, “It’s the fact that u can tweet this with no proof whatsoever & the people in the comment section are so gullible that they believe it. Sad tbh. I don’t know how many times I’ve stated that I left the show for my own personal growth. There are no ways in hell you guys expected me to stay in one place for more than 10 years. I’ve got other dreams & of passions. & I’m extremely young. ALLOW ME MY DAMN GROWTH! But also, if it pleases you guys and makes your heart happy, continue with this stupid narrative! Love & light. 🤍

@TheeLondy wrote, “#etvScandal @_MveloMakhanya You are loved and will be missed dearly. RIP mamas💔💔

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