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Actress Brenda Mhlongo’ singing, left Mzansi impressed

The actress, better known as Nomafu on The River, posted a video of herself singing on Ins

The actress, better known as Nomafu on The River, posted a video of herself singing on Instagram. The actress is well known for having various skills, and singing is one of them.

Brenda doesn’t seem like the stiff, perpetually solemn character she portrays on camera; instead, it appears that the opposite is accurate and that she is one of Mzansi’s funniest celebrities in real life.

 She randomly began singing for her fans in a hilarious video, proving that she could sing. Some people thought the video was funny, but most of her fans thought it was hilarious.


Many of her fans commented that if she stopped fooling around, she could make some serious money from singing because she has a lovely voice. They reassured her that she needed a little more practice, but over time she could improve.

Brenda appeared to be joking around and didn’t anticipate the response, but she may have discovered a new talent. The actress recently grabbed all the headlines when she was fired from the drama series Imbewu: The Seed on etv. She played KaMadonsela on-screen. According to verified reports, she quit the drama series following a disagreement with one of the showrunners and producers.

The 42-year-old actress, born on August 14, 1980, succeeded when she was cast as Simba in The Lion King. She travelled all over northern Europe with the film’s cast and won several awards. She is currently starring as Nomafu on the 1Magic soapie, The River and fans love her, although she can be a bit extra at times.

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